Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Malaysian Student Injured In UK Riots

If I did not see the STAR headlines this afternoon, I wouldn't have know that London is now in the Hot Spot list of riots and lootings. Today it was in the headlines that one of our Malaysian students was mobbed, robbed and injured...

Hope the UK authorities will get this crisis under control soon! As parents, we sure will worry about the safety of our kids especially when they are in foreign land...

Somebody uploaded the video of our Malaysian student being mugged.. and robbed.. poor boy.. written in the papers that his jaw was injured and has to undergo operation.... hope he is in good hands now...


  1. Everywhere is also not safe now :( I hope the kids are ok too.

  2. It started as a little protest against the police in Tottenham and now it has gone completely out of control.

    That is why I do not favour the idea of those so-called peaceful rallies. No doubt the intention may be noble, but when people are highly strung and emotionally charged, a little spark will trigger off something that will turn pretty ugly!

    Those involved can go and kill one another, for all we care, but the tragic thing is that the innocent are the ones who end up becoming the victims...

    But unfortunately, there are none so blind as they who will not see and always there will be people who think they are heroes...

  3. venie: yeah.. u r right..

    stp: i guess it is the same with other countries as well.. it is not easy to rule one.. there are always heroes and villains.. and as u said, innocents are affected in the midst of all these.. .

  4. Saw it last Monday via Fb sharing on u-tube.. Sighs.. Pity the boy

  5. I am truly saddened by what I see. Being a mother, i can imagine how sad and angry that poor boy mom will be.

  6. As for the boy, stupid is as stupid does.Report has it that he went out to buy food to buka puasa or was it some story somebody cooked up to arouse sympathy? At times like this, it would be better just to starve and stay indoors where hopefully it is safe...and wait till things get better. Do not trouble trouble until trouble troubles you...

  7. june: yeah..imagine like our own..

    yuinting: wrong timing..

    stp: we dont know for sure but whatever it is, knowing that it is not safe outside is quite terrifying.. hope he is alright..

  8. The riots seems terrible and scary!!

  9. i saw this video a few days ago! i didnt know he was malaysian. poor boy :( its so sickening to watch...


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