Friday, August 19, 2011

Red Babe In Trouble!

When I started the car this afternoon, I heard a "clang clang sound" when I reversed my car... I looked around for some cars who were giving this clanging sound but there was none around me.

"Don't tell me the sound came from my own car??" I drove on.... no sound.. then when cornering, BIG CLANG.... clllooong..cloooong..clangg...clang.... could be heard very clearly!

My colleagues also heard... sigh....that really dampened my heart and my mood... we were actually going for a lunch farewell. Suddenly no more appetite!

Took me 30 minutes to reach our restaurant, quickly I got down to look what was wrong.... I thought it was my tyre rims loosened... Looked here and there.. nothing seems to be amissed...

Then I heard my colleague calling me to the behind of my car... the alien sound came from my exhaust pipe!

It was very much loosened already.... sigh... there goes a portion of my incentive... sigh... sigh..


  1. Anonymous Pam said...

    Haha... I got mine 4 days ago. No intention of spending the bonus this time. Just keep it first... Times are bad...

    August 19, 2011 11:06 PM

    Mine will finish by tomorrow!

  2. Sorry to hear that, dear... anyhow, repairing the car enables you to travel longer distance in future. Think positive... I am transmitting all positive charges to you now.

  3. claire, you terror woman, can still wait for another 30 minutes to chk your car!

  4. Well, at least you found what the problem was, and it may be easy to fix, though I hope not expensive? Maybe it just needs tightened and not replaced?

  5. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that part of your $$$ will fly off. I am just like you, never check car and never understand car. If it ever breaks down somewhere, i think I will just leave it there...haha. Just join my club! :P

  6. Hey sis,I think this one is not that expensive,, i reckon you can get it fixed for less than RM250,,,

    Just take it as another round of service and repair routine lah,,, or may be just like paying off a time of good meal,

    don't feel bad, the weekend is here and God shall bless you in other ways one leh

  7. Claire, small money must be out, then big money will be in.

  8. No worry Claire....good luck will comes when u spend a lil money! Agreed with yan.

  9. LOL!!! Cars are like people...must take good care - especially if old already, will need special care and attention so can maintain in good shape. Cannot work it to death...without some pampering and loving sometimes. LOL!!!


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