Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tokyo Street In Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

During my weekend in Kuala Lumpur, I stayed in Swiss Garden, it was quite near to Bukit Bintang, within walking distance to the nearby mega malls. On the very day we arrived, we went to Pavilion.... just "window shopping"... hear .. hear....

We were fascinated at the 6rh floor at Pavilion... lets take a look!!

we saw something reddish and bright...

Tokyo Street!!

as we approached nearer...
the fresh orchids were so beautiful to our sight!

love them!

thought they were plastic flowers until I touched them..

in fact almost everywhere were flowers...
because they were newly opened shops
selling japanese cultural food and goods....

Looks like a Mini Japanese town...

desserts and sweets.... restaurants, bakeries..

ahh.. I can see Daiso...

but I didn't go in.. going in means cash out!

browsing around here and there...
by the time we reached, most of the food were sold out..
in other words, Japanese food are still number 1 here!

so this is Tokyo Street....
Have you been there yet?


  1. no i haven't been there :) you didn't check out Daiso????

  2. I hear the Japanese restaurant VERY nice...but so very expensive, double the prices elsewhere.

  3. barb: i have been to Daiso before so i didnt go in to this one...

    stp: not really, some are moderate charges... and definitely better than sushi king too..

  4. u stayed at swiss-garden? wow nice place.. haha..

    long time no visit pavilion edy :)

  5. hahahha.. i like your comment.. walking in means cashing out.
    thx for yr information. I didn't know Pavilion has Daiso.. usually I never make it to Level 6. More reasons to go there now :D :D

  6. ken: KL city... very happening, right?

    elaine: hahaha.. we ladies are like that.. cannot resist not buying.. so dont see better.. hehe...

  7. wah, you are more updated than me!! i also did not know there's something new in Pavilion, and certainly never been there to see the Tokyo Street also.. haha!!

  8. Huh? I didn't even know there's a Tokyo Street in Pavilion! Since when? LOL! Oh, you should have gone to Daiso - the things quite cheap : )

  9. oh my, i was just at pavilion just now for a food review. And i missed this tokyo street. Thanks for reminding, will check it out the next time i'm there :)

  10. wah, next time i go KL i must go!

  11. Such pretty pictures!!! I cannnot believe you didn't eat there!! So is Tokyo Street like this big outdoor shopping center, brand new?

  12. I like this shopping, restaurant area. Pity the flowers are in plastic they will have to be replaced regularly.


  13. Now I know there is Tokyo Street there

  14. Yo, so tempting....i wanna go there....

  15. Tokyo street in a mall, ya? Interesting,,,, I definitely would spend hours (and $$$) in Daiso, hehehe!

  16. japanese food r definitely expensive.

  17. Didn't even know it was in Pavillion. My friends were dancing there (dressed in Japanese costumes) and posted some photos to share on their FB. Now I know where it is.. hahahaha

  18. Didn't even know it was in Pavillion. My friends were dancing there (dressed in Japanese costumes) and posted some photos to share on their FB. Now I know where it is.. hahahaha

  19. Got such street ar? I dint know, so oudated~
    Is it permanent or just temporary?

  20. sk: nice walk there..

    foong: i have been to Daiso.. in queensbay.. cheap, yes!

    isaac: u really eat and eat.. like me! hahaa..

    angel: yes, do go..

    ginny: yes, it is a big shopping center... good for shopping!

    filip: they are not plastic flowers..

    BF: planning to go?

    angelin: wanna go?]

    yvonne: it is inside Pavilion..

    wenn: expensive but all finished too!

    kiasumom: yes, 6th floor.. :)

  21. oh I heard the new opening of the store but even working opposite pavilion I have yet to walk in there yet.. maybe one day..

  22. Very nice!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  23. The Tokyo Street looks very nice. Have not been there.... in fact I have not been to Pavilion despite I'm staying at KL. Hehehe.

  24. cyn: just for eye opener.. more on window shopping and makan...

    cloudia: thanks!

    cheeyee: bet the jam there turns you off, right?

  25. wah!! You're more "update" than me!!! I stay in KL, hardly go to Pavillion, and i get to know this Tokyo Street from some blog, and you're already set foot there. Tsk tsk tsk, jealous!

    Look interesting and should go and check out the japanese food there.

  26. Tokyo Street I heard alot of food to eat . . . one of my friend stays in KL and go to this Pavilion always . . .

    Tokyo street if not mistaken is just newly launch isnt it? It is a good timing for you to be here (KL) to have a glance with it.

    My friends link:

  27. for me if ask me to go tokyo street to have sushi, I will say no because no raw food and expensive japanese food :P *kiam siap mode ON*

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