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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Just A Temporary Breakdown

Staying at home too long might get the mind all emo-like. No wonder whenever I talk about retirement, my friends will discourage me from doing so... "so stupid" ..some will say...

The only encouragement I have is from my kids, they do not mind me retiring... in fact, they ask me to, so that I can relax at home, do what I like to do, blogging, no need to get up early to rush to work, no need to stress over work, no need to be "scolded" by boss anymore and have more time to cook... hahaa....that is a fact!

Sorry, I have to disable comments in my previous post, I know that you are all very encouraging ... actually I felt embarrassed about it... I put up the post not to aim for praises but just to state how I felt at that very moment.

Tonight, tomorrow or the next, I will feel better ...then I will look back at my posts and ask myself, "hey, did I really write that?"


  1. hope you are feeling better now Claire. Life has its ups and downs. Go out and have dinner with friends. You'll feel better :)

  2. Claire, I've failed to post a comment on your last post. Anyway, hope you can still stay calm & should proud of yourself. I am totally agreed with stp. Just wanted to let you know you're doing great. Be proud! OK!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy life the fullest.

  3. Depression. When you retire, you need to stay active - do church work or volunteer to help at some charitable organisation. You need new friends - you will eventually grow further and further apart from those friends at work and eventually lose touch.

    Resting and relaxing may be good for a while but give it around six months - you'll get bored...even if you pick up a hobby like gardening or you enjoy watching television. It will be worse when your daughter has left the roost...and you'll be alone. Travelling may be good - go and stay with Aaron in Singapore for a few months. Have a change of environment. Cook and wash for him - it will make you feel useful.

    Hard to give advice in one short comment - people can actually write books on this. The bottom line is - it's all in the head, all a matter of self-worth and not feeling helpless and useless. Do make sure you're mentally ready for retirement before the time comes.

  4. My life is every moment of my life but not a culmination of the past... Let's live for today!

  5. barb: yes... life is too precious to brood!

    kristy: ok, i stand proud then.. *head up high* hahahaa... thanks!

    stp: yea, it is all in the head.. actually i m not sure whether when i retire but thought of doing so by year 2013.. maybe i give it a try for 6 months... see biasa or not.. :)

    pam: yes..u r very right.. live for today and be happy...

  6. i just saw your reply to stp that you're thinking of retiring by 2013..just enjoy what you are doing now and less worry about retiring..still 2 years to go..hey, hope you are much better today.. hugs!

  7. Just saw your previous post about your husband. I wondered why you never posted pics of him or included him in your posts. Now, I know. My condolences, Claire, even though it was a long time ago.

    I enjoy being retired, because I get to babysit my grandson.

  8. hope you are feeling better now. I was miserable yesterday too. The rain entire day made me feel so gloomy :(

    Hugs claire..

  9. We can go nuts having to stay at home all the time and not go out, we call this Cabin Fever! Not that I'm saying you have gone nuts! A lot of people really have problems after they retire, no purpose in their life, nowhere to get dressed up and go, no routine. It is not as fun as one might think, unless your life is really full with other things as well. Oh, Claire, why did you turn off the comments on your other post? This is a wonderful testament to true love and your husband. He would say to you "Well done!!!" You are doing an amazing job, your children are happy and healthy and getting good educations! It is hard being a working single mom, yet you never show us your sorrow or the troubles in your life, you truly are an amazing woman!!!!

  10. Hey Claire,go and find a sport to be involved in,, try running (forget about age,you can do it one) or hiking,then you make more friends, but the time you retire nanti,, sure busy until you no have time one lah..

    stay healthy all the time cos bila anak anak besar nanti,,,,,,,,,,you will be the happiest mommy i know,,

    have a great sunday and god bless ya

  11. No wonder I couldn't find the comment link. Work is work but do you think you can live at home and not see your friends (esp Elin's lovely cooking) ? Your home can be very quiet when the kids are at work. As Barb says, life has it's ups and downs, weigh yr pros n cons carefully before you make a decision ;D

    I'm sure your husband knows and is thanking you for doing a goo djob in keeping the family together.

    Happy Weekend.

  12. Just appreciate all the time that u have. How I wish I have that kind of time. Just relax and take care.

  13. Claire, hope you are getting better now. God Bless.

  14. Hope everything is fine with you Claire. Have a blessed Sunday.

  15. insert *words of encouragement* here.

    Hehe, I'm not very good in doing prep talk and all. But sometimes its good to continue working if its not stressful. Being at home all the time, may turn out differently from what we expect.

  16. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. It's great to have a blog like this to just let it all go huh? Hope you're feeling better.

  17. well. whatever you're deciding, you know there's always be people who love you who will be supporting you, and that's the most important thing. :)

    good luck!

  18. i agree with STP. retiring is a major decision, esp if you've been working all your life!

    but with the Lord's guidance & grace, i'm certain you'll make the right decision.

    God bless!


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