Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs and Google PageRank Checker

This morning when I logged in to my Facebook, most of the messages were about Steve Jobs' passing on. My son, nephews and some friends have paid a tribute to him in FB and their blogs as well... a minute of silence was requested by my son out of respect for Steve Jobs.

Seriously I do not know much about him except that he is the one of the co- founder for Apple technology... and we have him to thank for the latest gadgets my kids are using... iPhone, iPad, iPod... and the MacApple which I hope to own one day...

Just a moment ago, a lady blogger told me that there is something wrong with our blogs' page rankings. I checked a few blogs and they are all ranked N/A - Not Available.

Either Google is seriously updating all the blogs page rankings now .... OR ... are you thinking what I am thinking?

By the way, you can check your ranking at this website.

Hope this problem will be resolved soon....


  1. Haiyorrr... no connection to Steve Jobs la... >.< Steve Jobs is from Apple ma... not Google. No worries la... I tink google is just updating the PR.

  2. ranking? Hmmmm never bothered by all this stuff. I hope they (google or blogspot) don't make things complicated and leave me alone in peace to perform simple blogging! :s

  3. What do you mean? What has PageRank got to do with Steve Jobs or Apple? It's Google's job. Oh I checked and you are right, pagerank is N/A. Maybe they are updating it or something : )

  4. cleff: maybe out of respect.. google stopped temporary?

    gratitude: dont stress up.. haha..

    foong: i think temporary shut down for awhile...

  5. HI there claire! yeah we noticed that too, most of us bloggers in our group have NA ranks.

  6. We have been demoted. Noooo. LOL :D

  7. Claire, Google and Apple are competitors la. They compete each other like mad... not even close to friends >.< they do it out of respect? Steve die= Google happy! LOL!

    I'd believe it more if ppl say Google wanna take advantage of Steve Job's demise.

  8. Now who will believe in the an-apple-a-day thingy ever again after this? LOL!!!

    See! I don;t have to worry about my PR also. O also no frustrating and worrying, blogging for money.

  9. it reads blogspot and not the name before it wor...

  10. mommyjes: under maintainance then!

    tekkaus: join in the crowd!

    cleff: coincidence.. of course, no connection one.. :)

    stp: u r the safest one around.. hehee..

    medie: so everyone has it.. not so scary then...


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