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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gopeng Heritage And Museum House

After the breakfast in Gopeng food court, we were taken to the Heritage House and the Museum which is situated in town....

my first time here.. .

fascinated by the houses ... so authentic...

the Museum is just opposite...

the entrance...
next we adjourned to the Heritage House ...

organ of yesteryears?
after awhile, we adjourned to the Heritage House...
which is more interesting... to me....

the Heritage House

no fees charged...

but there is a donation box at the front...

we were briefed as we walked in...

the "Opium" settee..

the lady-in-red was the Heritage guide
...even the light bulb has a "story" behind it...

the displays....

something like the Time Tunnel in Camerons...

we went up ... it is a three storey shop...
all beautifully maintained to reserve the authenticity..

an indoor garden...


the dining marble tables...

barber of yester years...

Want a ride?

when we left, a group of school kids came...
I feel it is very let them know..
that it is not about computers those days...
my girl should have come for this trip...
Well, perhaps another time....


  1. very the old school and authentic :)

  2. Taken to? Did you join a tour? Your trip looked like a heritage trail...

  3. philip: going back in time..

    isaac: going back to my days!

    pam: yes, i joined an educational trip.. hahaa...

    pete: yes, first time.. a day tour..

  4. Some local stores in Hawaii have that ice machine that grinds ice bricks and makes shaved ice. Pour some fruit syrup on top and the shaved ice is delicious and refreshing on a hot day!

  5. sei for! I have one nearly same looking organ la

  6. Indeed we no longer can imagine a live without computers.


  7. Thanks for the tour on your heritage, I love it!! The only thing that seems not to have changed much is the barber chair.

  8. Interesting place... Come, come to Sibu and I'll take you around to see such things - not just as displays in in a museum, but still being used!

  9. cath: yes... not bad..

    gigi: but nowadays no more manned by humans but by current..]

    kathy: wah.. u fatt tatt lor!

    filip: educational to the kids.. hahaa..

    ginny: the type of barber chair for men, right?

    stp: keep them... next time they will be priceless!

  10. Hmmm....the things over here are definitely an eye opener to me.

  11. not sure if i've ever been to gopeng or not.. haha

  12. Wow, didn't know there is so much to see in Gopeng. I should make a trip there :) It is so interesting.

  13. So interesting ! Din know got such museum exist, hehe...

  14. Gives me the feeling of Malacca. hehe ;)

  15. Nice & interesting trip. Guess you have an enjoyable time.

  16. The Heritage House looks really interesting.

  17. yeeling: as for me too..

    ken: with the highway, all these are bypassed..

    barb: yeah, when u r free.. hahaa..

    mnhl: i myself also dint know till last week!

    hayley: yes... those were the days!

    irene: educational .. hahaa..

    slavemom: more to come..

  18. i was just looking at the website wondering should i go. hahahaha awesome leh, looks so historical.

  19. There is another one which is Gopeng Muzuem.... Showing History about GOpeng... Picture how Gopeng look like.. The development process from old day till now..

    This Heritage House is showing all antique....

    Due to popularity of this Heritage HOuse.. Everyone forget about the small Muzeum

  20. i've seen the heritage house in the papers and now getting a better view..looks really nice and can see some real authentic items.


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