Monday, October 17, 2011

Graduation Dinner At East Ocean, Menglembu

It was really one hectic day for us yesterday, from the moment we woke up at 6am.... we got to reach the UTP before 8.30am... and only to be home at around 3.30pm.... I was totally exhausted by then.... all energy gone... hahahaha....

To celebrate AA's graduation, we invited the whole family to a simple dinner in East Ocean Restaurant, Menglembu....
Sister One, read on...

*Mei Kok yi yi, when you come back, do take us here!*

family members

mama forgot to smile... too hungry? :)

The first dish... 5 combinations...

followed by "Poon Choy"

a combination of some seafood varieties...

followed by the kids' favourite...

crispy fried chicken with prawn crackers...
oopps...forgot to take one more dish
green kailan with yam!

then lastly... fried noodles...

for desserts, dragon fruit pudding!

One for the Album...
Good to be together again....but now...
Till we meet again in December....


  1. WOWWWWWW!!!!! Drooling all over! The food looks sooooo good!!! How much one table like that? Well, very good reason to go all out and celebrate!

  2. what a sumptuous dinner :) i am drooling now.

  3. Congrats again. Yummy yummy food making me hungry after dinner. Good to have celebrations with loved ones, I think the next one will be aaron's wedding? Hehehe.

  4. Gosh it is the largest 5 combination dish that I've seen. My tummy's growling now! :s

  5. stp: but price not drooling.. around 400rm plus.. hahaa..

    barb: jom..lets go dinner!

    irene: i let him know.. hahaha..

    ant: the plate is enormous, yes!

  6. Wow, The dinner look so Worthing! I mean must be worth the price =D I especially like the 5 Combination and Seafood varieties and the crispy fried chicken and the noodles and pudding.... O.o I just love everything :D

  7. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh................. Make sure when I come back you organize such dinner! Btw, my parents would be in SG next week!

  8. i just love the five combination, followed by the crispy chicken.. hmmm, the fried noodles look good too.. just that i don't fancy the "poon choy"..

  9. I wish him all the best in his future career...

  10. vernie: when hungry, all looks good.. hahaa...

    chris:plus my mum! make sure u take them for good food!

    sk: why not poon choy? why...

    pam: thanks Pam!! :)

  11. How much is the Phon choy ? Long time didnt eat jor

  12. hey, you're eating poon choi already? did you ask them whether they do smaller portion or not?

  13. kathy: this one cheapest.. 198rm..

    lena: no, this is the smallest.. but then with elin around, should be enough.. hehehee...

  14. You have lovely children, Claire. Congratulations!

  15. That's a very strange dessert. Nice pictures. Enjoy your graduation.


  16. gigi: thanks! God's blessings..

    filip: strange pudding? you should try them one day..

  17. Gosh!! looks heavenly. Indeed a great dinner...and right now I am droooooooling over them, hehehe!..Good to be together with family once in a while. Nice shots and everybody seems to enjoy every bit.

  18. Congratulation on your boy's graduation! The dish of East Ocean look really delicious, we didn't make it there this round but we hv gone to Different taste, thx for the recommendation,the crab Dong Fun, lala and fish ball are so delish! Yum... still salivating ill now!

  19. omg...the poon choy!! I have to wait for CNY to come jor....

  20. irene: thanks! yes, a family gathering..

    alice: hope you enjoyed them.. did u post them up?

    yeeling: anytime also can eat ma.. :)

  21. Wow, what a scrumptious meal you all had! Drooling liao......

  22. No I hvn't, will link it to u once I do. Have a joyful day!

  23. Poon Choy again.. :( Never tried that before... so so must try one day!

  24. hayley: I also drool.. hungry jor..

    alice: great, I want to know what you ordered.. a bit expensive there, right?

    merryn: KL must be very pricey!

  25. You are such a kind person to invite the whole family to such a scrumptious dinner. To me, this wasn't a simple dinner, Clair, you are only humble.

  26. The 5-combination looks so luxurious and heavenly! I think RM400 for such a sumptuous meal is considered reasonable already.

  27. again i see good food. Wow your daily life revolves around good chinese restaurant food. Yummy life! hehe

  28. My favourite too - crispy fried chicken with prawn crackers. The pun choy looks good too. Congrats to AA.

  29. sheohyan: affordable for family.. :)

    chloe: first time i treated so expensive.. hahaha..

    isaac: dont know why, i prefer chinese food to others..

    mnhl: thanks!!

  30. WOW!!! Food look so so good and yummy!!! Drooling!!

    Love the last picture, you should frame it up.

  31. such a grand dinner! and of course, such lovely photos.

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