Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy "25" Birthday Always!

No, it is not my "25th birthday" but my buddy, Elin... when I first knew her, she told me that she was only 25... and always 25... year in and year out... hahahaa......

So here's wishing her Happy 25 always!!

A birthday is not a birthday without the capital "F", right? Of course, Food is one thing and a present is another.... ok, let's talk about food... ... pressie? Later.. I.O.U.

Took her to St. Mike bistro for set lunch.... (I received sms from the boss that there is a promotion going on!) hahahaa....
A simple set lunch came with a main course,
a glass of lemon ice tea, a small bowl of onion soup
and a mini-size sweet-sweet dessert...

I ordered battered fish for myself..
RM16.90 for the whole course...

Elin ordered BBQ roast chicken..

and the dessert is this.... er...
cornflakes plus chocs...
just nice...not too big nor too small....

When it comes to birthday, who normally receives presents?
the birthday girl, right?

Well, wrong...
For the birthday girl gave me some pressies instead.. LOL...

a loaf of Pumpkin Cake...
aren't they "gorgeous?"

and not only that, I was given three of these to "wallop" too!!!

Isn't she great?? Well.. she is...
Once again...



  1. Happy 25th birthday, elin!! or should i wish her at her blog? oh, i think i hop over to hers now!

  2. Aiks..terbalik pulak...birthday girl give cake to you kakakaka

  3. ah,good food. makes me drooling.

  4. lena: she didnt know about me posting for her.. ok u go hop hop..

    kathy: yeah yeah.. malu hor?

    annelee: always drool one!

  5. wow, happy "25"th birthday to elin too.. so nice the food and dessert from her, but definitely not that choc cornflakes, it just look so like shit, haha~~ :D

  6. sk... sk... hehehee.. what an imagination you have.. guess my photography is not giving it credit!!

  7. what a great idea. Happy 25th birthday always to your friend!

  8. Happy Birthday to Claire's dear friend! I like the looks of her roast chicken. Glad you both had such a good time, Claire.

  9. Even on her birthday, she is so generous and giving!! Looks like you will never be able to out-do her on the giving! The food looks yummy, do they serve onion soup topped with bread and melted cheese? That is how we eat it here, it's called French Onion soup.

  10. Happy Birthday again, Elin. Wah....people's birthday, you get pressies. So hor mia lah u, Claire! LOL!!!

  11. wenn: one day we must go!

    isaac: she is a food blogger.. hahaha..

    gigi: yes, we did...

    ginny: yes, onion soup but we didnt see the melted cheese inside..

    stp: u forgot what her hobby is? cooking and baking... so sure can get these goodies!

  12. Claire honey, thank you so much for the birthday lunch and now this great post :)))) thanks for reminding me I am always 25th... I am young at heart la. I have not bake a cake yet . Have to wait till the Piggies are back this weekend, then only celebrate lo.

    To all Claire's friends and readers...thanks for the birthday wishes here. TQ....and birthday muaxzz to all of you here :)

  13. Haha happy always 25 birthday Elin!


    T_T I need to persevere...

  14. elin: Looking forward to your real birthday cake!

    daniel: yes..tahan.. tahan!! hahaa...

  15. Happy babday to you Elin...year year 25 ya

  16. invite me next year, and I will love to receive a present from her.

  17. eugene: yes..lin lin ya ngmm...hahaha...

    ann: foodie present, ok?

  18. Happy birthday to your buddy!! ;)

  19. pumpkin and birthdays!!!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  20. I got a friend who always celebrate her 35th birthday every year! hahaha! Now is the 15th anniversary of her 35th birthday. :p

  21. hayley: thanks!

    cloudia: yeah.. halloween time!

    rose: mine is 10 years younger.. hahahaa...ladies, right!

  22. Happy birthday! always young at heart :)

  23. Happy Birthday to Elin! As for the cake, no point in u buying one for her coz the ones she make is so much better than those store-bought. ;)


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