Monday, November 14, 2011

Andy In Haagen Dazs

After receiving the flyers that Haagen Dazs is in De Gardens, Ipoh, my mind kept thinking about it... and since Andy was around during the weekend, the timing was just right to pay HD a visit and to look around...
very new and refreshing look.... 
the ambience was not bad, I can say...
What shall we order?
we ordered this... choc fondue...
made a mistake.. shouldn't order this..
cos the ice cream came out in mini sizes
and they were too "frozen"
I prefer the bigger scoops...
Andy said, "Never mind, wait for Big Brother to come home
and we will come here again for Bigger Scoops!"
so ... till then.... Peace Unto All Of You... 
As for the price.......don't be horrified...
this choc fondue cost RM74!!!
Tips:  buy the 2 pints for RM58... more worth it, right?


  1. You didn't say how much that was...

    Btw, Claire, Annie-Q has edged you out of my Top you'd better hop over and post some comments. Muahahahaha!!!!

  2. wow, this auntie so efficient, saw the intro post not long ago and now she is there in the Haagen Dazs shop!! haha.. actually i think it's very pricey so i've only been there twice and not even tried the choc fondue before~~ :p

  3. if you never tell this is from haagen dazs, i thought this is a kind of dish with fishballs..yeah, those mini ice cream looks like fishballs and beefballs to me.

  4. wah..somthing special from HD..we do not have HD outlet here :(

  5. foong: i want too!!

    stp: price is terrifying.. RM74!!

    sk: auntie here can do more terrifying things.. in food!!

    lena: for a moment, i thought it was so too!! hahaha..

  6. Chocolate fondue is my favourite, preferably with lots and lots and lots of fresh fruits...

  7. Yum! I didn't know Haggen Daz had fondue! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. pam: i think not worth it la.. order others better...

    kathy: yeah.. friend belanja.. expensive hor?

    mommydigger: thanks!

  9. It also shows a mother's love. Your boy an ice cream lover?

  10. Very the HD 2 pints more worth it right? LOL! anyway for the experience we nid to pay a bit more :)

  11. You know this place,I dare not go lah,, find it too expensive lah,Baskin Robin is my better choice...hahahhah,,, or may be ice cream potong also juga best,,

  12. Wow! pricey. I better go for the cheap ones..magnolia, king's, etc...taste good too.

  13. yuinting: he and i share the eating passion..

    elin: memang expensive.. yes, buy 2 pints cheaper..

    eugene: as the saying goes.. new toilet must try ma... hahaa..

    irene: yeah, many brands sold in the malls..

    hayley: buy melted choc outside.. hahaa..

  14. So nice.. but RM74 a bit too pricey for me for ice cream, I am very kedekut when it comes to spending so much on desserts :-)

  15. Claire, you hou sek tak..hahha. i dont think i will spend that much lor.

  16. yeap..the pints are more worthy... haha

  17. i want Haagen Dazs!!! >.< so yummy la!! :p

  18. I think Haagen Dazs ice cream is over priced:D

  19. kiasumom: i m opposite, i m kedekut in buying things but not eating! hahaa..

    ling: someone belanja us.. :)

    eric: yes!!

    sheohyan: plus tax.. otherwise 62 or so...

    quaypo: i think bec of the exchange rates..

  20. at that price, i won't be able to swallow it.

  21. Once a while nevermind. But with that money, can have a decent meals in a Chinese restaurant. hehehe

  22. wenn: yes.. expensive with tax!

    doc: cham.. then HD gone case!

    mnhl: i think the young will love it...


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