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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Got What I Deserve...

Late nights, spicy thai food, the tom yam, the freezing ice cream... all these have taken the toll on me... I am "beaten"....... my voice suddenly become half male, half female, something like Bonnie Tyler singing "Its a Heartbreak, nothing like a Heartbreak... "

Well, maybe it was due to my "teaser mouth".....When my blue-eyed boy didn't come to work on Monday, I teased him on Facebook... When he reported for work on Tuesday, I teased him again about his Sexy Voice, I teased him about not exercising enough, I teased him cos he missed his chance for a free buffet lunch given by our generous Boss....

Well, today he gotten back his "revenge"... his voice is back to normal ... he laughed at me .. I laughed at myself.. hahahaa....
sick or no sick...
is there anyone kind enough to get this
bowl of bubur cha-cha  for me now???


  1. I oso wanna eat that right now. :P

  2. Where can I get this Bubur Cha Cha with shaved ice? Something new to me.

  3. cleff: no more flu ah?

    veta: i will when i have! hahaa...

    pam: gourmet square in ipoh garden la!

  4. wa you so cham...go see a doctor la :p me too my throat is still bad. If not well by tomoro I will have to have my tonsil checked. You take care ya. * hugs

  5. Still got flu la... hachoo and making wantan here... but the thing looks nice lehh... =.= Ice cream oso looks very nice leh... I'm craving for those! I hear they say if u makan ice cream, it can help u wif ur sore throat. *excuse wanna makan*

  6. So many people are having bad flu. Must be the unpredictable weather. I think you need to eat soft and light food as your throat is freaking out, hear me Bonnie? Lol

  7. You just eat and eat good stuff! Exercise more la..... Take some honey too! It's my new defense to prevent sore throat.

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  9. wished u could spare me some, pretty please:)

  10. hahaha, so better don't laugh at people or else the bad karma will hit right on yourself.. but then with all those nice food, do you think it's worth for such "sexy" voice?? haha~~ :D

  11. You need to build yourself up with healthy meals and vitamins. This will get you in shape just in time for Christmas, when you can really go wild and eat Christmas candy and junk food! Then back to the vitamins.

  12. take good food care of yourself!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  13. He who laughs last laughs longest...

  14. come, i want to hear you sing!

  15. GOSH! u better drink more honey lemon!! :D my voice was like dat too last few days. =_____=

  16. Never mind lah,, least you still can sound like Bonnie Tyler,at least it is not the "total eclipse of the heart" right?

    so continue to makan and makan somemore, come to Penang I buy you Leong Cha,,, good to get your voice back to Susan Boyle,,,,chun one lah

  17. omg omg... omg.... bubur cha cha with ice cream and markisa... omg omg...

    Haha i hope you get well soon Claire =)

  18. I just got well from bad cough and flu, so scare to get sick again. Take good care, Claire. A visit to the doctor may faster your recovery.

  19. take care Claire, get well soon :)

  20. That bowl of bubur cha char looks nice. I want too. Clsire, take good care & GOD BLESS.

  21. elin: u take care too!

    cleff: i also agree with that saying anytime! hahaha..we are wai sik!

    twilightman: yes, sir!!

    chris: i listened to u.. i bought the honey home!

    imriz: which? flu or the ice? hahaha..

    sk: yeah lo.. laughed at his sexy voice.. now mine more sexier!

    ginny: yeah, what i lack is vitamins!

    sheohyan: went to hospital this morning.. but not yet take the medicine.

    luciana: thanks!!

    irene: God bless you too!! thanks!

  22. Wah look at the bowl of bubur cha cha! Now it's so hot after lunch, I wish to have a bowl too. Whoever bringing that bowl to Claire can bring me one bowl too?? :P

  23. Woohoo, this is my favourite!!

  24. What is that on the picture, it looks a mix of a bit of everything. You feel half male, half female? Strange expression, makes me think of Katois in Thailand. By the way I like Katois, do you know Belle Nuntina?



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