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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Public Speaking Dilemma

I was contemplating this morning whether to go to work or not... in fact, as early as 6am, I woke up to a confused mind, "Should I go to work or not?"  I have not been sleeping well the previous night due to constant coughing and getting up to spit and drink warm water to ease the throat itchiness. 

Eventually I decided to go to work and it was already 9am then.... I know I would not be able to rest peacefully at home knowing there was going to be a meeting and my work had not completed yet. I couldn't avoid the meeting, it was my "public speaking" turn .. somehow or rather, my turn will come and I just want it to be fast and over with....

I started off with the formalities and greetings and "memohon maaf kerana suara yang kurang merdu pagi ini."  (apologize for not having a sweet voice this morning)  That helped to break the ice a bit.... But as I didn't prepare my speech on paper, I have a lot of " er... er...  "  (trying frantically to translate some english words to malay at the spur of the moment) and ending up speaking in half malay, half english....

Well, it is over with.... the meeting and the urgent workload are completed today...  now I can really take a full complete rest at home tomorrow without any "stress" in my mind...


  1. alamak...gua also not good at public speaking lol

  2. Experienced staff like you need no speech preparations. Just stand at the rostrum and you did it! Bingo! Hope you get better fast!

  3. hmmm, that is why sometimes i rather work harder to get things done so that i won't feel pressured and can enjoy my own time carefree..

  4. I always get butterflies in my stomach whenever I hv to do public speaking. Being a SAHM, I dun hv to worry abt that anymore. :) Hv a good rest n speedy recovery to u!

  5. Haha :D Just tembak whatever that is in your mouth. No worries.:D

  6. Hi Reana, if you don't have already, go buy that Chinese Herbal tea, 'Hor Yan Hor', made in Perak. Very good for coughs, colds, fever, brings back the glow in you.
    My wife keeps a few packets at home.

    Ha ha, glad to hear you did well in your speech. I'll be dead as can't speak bahasa like you, as mine is out of tune, sebelum Merdeka.
    And yes, I remember my first speech infront of foreigners, my legs shook like Saturday nite fever.

    But after a few, enjoyed without being nervous, and will always sprinkle with humour in between, it helps.
    Have a nice day.

  7. I believe you are doing the best in the public speaking...
    Drink plenty of water.

  8. kathy : sama sama.. hahaha...

    twilight: next time must prepare better..

    sk: yeah.. do more homework!

    slavemom: no more stress, right?

    tekkaus: tembak already.. hahaha..

    u.lee: thanks for the ho yan hor.. i drink a lot of herbal tea too..

    mery: not my best, but i want it over with.. haha...

    wenn: thanks.. i will...

  9. Take care dear, see you on Thursday . Me too resting till thursday :)

  10. I give you so much credit for being fluent in 2 languages. Something I cannot do. Take care of that cold!

  11. Tsk... I dun approve you going to office when you're still unwell. Can tell the boss that you need some days off or not? Rest at home til u fully recover. You see, Claire...if cannot recover properly susahlah. Your body needs proper rest. Rest kao kao, den after that only go to work...

  12. Proud of you!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  13. wah. pressure leh. haha. still need to do public speaking? but anyways, congrats it's done! hopefully no more next year. haha

  14. I know you can do it, Claire. Pat on the back for you. Somemore, speak in 2 languages, BRAVO & 2 THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!..... Aiyor, still not fully recovered? Kesian. Take k and hope you get well soon.

  15. your cough is really bad..seems like quite some days already. Drink more water, take your manuka honey and avoid shouting, ya and i'm sure your suara merdu will come back soon!

  16. elin: why both of us sick same time???

    gigi: thanks, i will!

    cleff: much as i wanted to, but i couldnt.. all urgent work need to be closed.. budget due time.. all those stuff... so got to finish them in time..and now that i have finished, i am taking two days off to recuperate at home... sigh..

    cloudia: nothing much actually. :)

    irene: hahaha..speaking in 2 language is not that good.. hahaa.. cos if fluent in one, not necessary to take two..

    lena: maybe not enough honey so not merdu at all.. hahaa..

  17. No way, I am able to do the public speaking..LOL!! At least u make it, Claire.

  18. Get well soon Claire and don't think of work when you're resting at home.

  19. Guess everyone has this fear.... But at least its over for you! Hehe..

  20. yeeling: when one has no choice, anyone got to do it.. haha...

    annie: think of blogging only... :)

    hayley: cos in school last time, I never had this practice before..


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