Sunday, November 20, 2011

SPM History

I heard something like these...... (hearsay, ok!)

What is our national song?
How do you feel when the national anthem is being played?  Give reasons.
What do we need to do when this song is being played?

Those were part of the questions in the SPM History subject last week.....correct me if I'm wrong...
What can I say..... no comments..... (^ ^)


  1. If you ask me, I really dunno what to say either....


  2. If this is true,then habis lah,,,, history is a very interesting subject,looks like they are making a fool out of our students,, sigh

    hey I hope you are up and going today..ya

  3. really? looks like to remind all of us to be more patriotic

  4. it looks more like Moral/Sivik subject

  5. Huh, really? SPM?? =_=""
    Hard to believe....

  6. About the national anthem...even though we think it's such an easy question, my son told me his friend got it wrong!

  7. looks like an easy paper to score!

  8. I think the entire subject needs to be revamp. What kind of stupid question is this? Standard 1 kids' level!

  9. You got to be kidding me. Back during my time, there is no such questions in history or even moral subject

  10. Huh? I hope this is just a rumour because the questions are ridiculous especially for a History subject!!


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