Sunday, December 25, 2011

Delightful Time In Taman Sutera Utama, Johor

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Today I had a good time in JB.. met up with an old friend, Mr Bean and his daughter. We are old buddies from yesteryears and it is great to see them once again.

Thank you, Mr Bean for taking us out for lunch, thanks for your "abundant gifts" as well... I promise to make it up to you when you come Ipoh next year!

Here are some pictures of my tea-time in Sutera area....
at last I can have some delightful chinese desserts!
They may look familiar but their fillings are different from those in IPOH.. nice, nice!!
red beans with sweet potatoes...
black sesame with peanut paste
sweet beancurd with gingko seeds.. delightful for me!
rojak... Johor style
a bit of this and that... all to my taste!
Sorry, I didn't catch the name of the shop.. 
along this road....
just opposite a children's playground...

Sorry for not being able to "blop-hop" to your blogs.... going for a ten days trip is really exhausting and time consuming. Really no time to attend to my blog until late at night...but once I am back in Ipoh, I will make back for the lost time... hopefully!  :)

Happy Boxing Day in another 40 minutes from now!!


  1. This is my usual makan area. A lot of eateries right? I'm also staying nearby taman sutera at my sis in laws place. thought of going there today but went nusajaya instead....else can see you there....hehehhe

  2. Thanks for sharing the food you had in Johor. It reminded me of those days when I was working in Johor, I ate the kuihs by dozens. :)

  3. wow you're everywhere! Singapore to JB to everywhere else :)

    Merry christmas ya

  4. Still makan-ing angin down South. Wow tao fu hua with ginko we don't have that kind in Katlumpor. Is that chai koay? Yummy!

  5. Merry Christmas, Claire!!! Wishing you and your children joy and peace!!!

  6. I want your "a little bit of this, a little bit of that" - all the, thank you. LOL!!!

  7. Just dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Great to hear that you enjoy and eat well now. I like the sweet beancurd with gingko. Very refreshing.

  9. Merry Christmas! Always drool after watching all the post/food. :D

  10. i want the peanut paste and black sesame soup. hmm i hv not seen this combination in Kl stores unless home made.....*sob*

  11. Red bean with sweet potatoes, i love it. All the dessert is so yummy looking.

  12. it's only in johor that the rojak comes with yu char kueh. if fact, i like it when it's solely yu char kueh with the rojak sauce.

  13. Your rojak looks really enticing. I tried one yesterday just outside Pelangi shopping centre. Was just passing by when I spotted this interesting stall on the back of a bike. I liked it very much. Have you tried it?


Thank you, readers!

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