Sunday, December 4, 2011

Different Taste In Bercham

The name of the shop is "Different Taste."  In cantonese, it is "Mei Putt Toong."  In bahasa, it is called "Rasa Lain."  Funny name, right?  Been to this shop for many years now, the boss then was a young, slim, handsome, "hairless" man but now he looks so "overgrown" already, not slim, not so handsome already and still "hairless."  That shows good signs of business and the boss has become Prosperous...

We went there around 8.30pm and the shop was very crowded... managed to get a table... and these were what we ordered...
This is their speciality...
Claypot glass noodles.. that comes with few choices..
Prawns, crabs or fish .....
next is the nicely arranged clams...
wonder how long to take them to arrange these... 
and they were steamed with lots of garlic and ginger!
this is a Must Order too..
Deep fried Sar Chui fish...
(anyone knows what this is called in english?)
my friend ordered spicy intestines.. not bad...
and of course, some greens... "lai bak"
One for the album while waiting for the food...
and the bill came to RM99.00 exactly...
A bit overpriced I can say... 
no wonder the Boss so "fatt" already!


  1. Quite pricey when compared with the other day whereby you have steamed fish and tiger prawns for RM100 only. Food looks so so only. So they are your friends from KL. Great company. BTW, is that your spectacles on the table?

  2. Where exactly in Bercham is the restaurant? Hubby has a hankering for Sar Chui fish!!!

  3. i often get confused by the name of the shop cos i think there're one of two also by this name. But when you mentioned that botak man, i know which one..haha! famous for its tunghoon crab!

  4. irene: yeah, that is what i think too.. pricey...

    veronica: here is the address.. 72, Persiaran Bercham Selatan 2,
    Desa Kencana, Bercham,
    31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
    Telephone : 6012-502 1132/6016-558 6499 (Arun Tan), 6016-791 4711 (Elven Lok)

    lena: yes, botak then and now too.. but last time very slim.. hahaa...

  5. those days, I simply love cooked intestines..yummy

  6. The fish is known as Silver Whiting Fish.

  7. What a great happy picture of all of you! I still don't know how you manage to stay so slim and little with all you eat! You must be one of those people who can eat all you want and not gain!

  8. Wow...the clams are really nicely arranged. The colour of the flesh still look good. :p

  9. 4 persons...ok lah! But for one thing, cheap fish and no prawns. Ooi!!! Fat does not mean lots of money, yunno! LOL!!!

  10. wenn: what is unhealthy is nice,right?

    pam: teacher, thank you!

    ginny: I ate in small quantities and i get full very fast.. maybe my stomach cannot accommodate a lot.. hahaa..

    tekkaus: actually there were 6 of us there.. :)

    stp: there were 6 of us.. 2 were camera shy.. hahaha... for this case, he is prospering very well.. so crowded...

  11. I think it's price to the KL standard gua... if we ordered these dishes in KL, the price will be around there of what you paid.. :p

  12. Omigosh... i'm really enjoying all the pictures xD

  13. The first picture of glass noodles.. I thought it was something like plastic... LOL.

  14. cynthia: yeah, i feel it is expensive too..

    daniel: sorry.. sorry... hahaa..

    hayley: yes, tauhoon it is called..

  15. Ooh the lala really arranged nicely! I wonder if they will keep this up when there are more customers in the future :P How's the glass noodles? I love glass noodles!

  16. The dishes all look yummy. Wonder why they have to arrange the clams, so waste of time. Taste good mai tuck lor, no need to arrange la. If 100 plates of clams, die lor haha!

  17. fuyoh, that plate of clams!! that plate of clams!! so delicious lor, i think sure the attack of all the pretty ladies, hehe~~ oh, that's intestines ah, i thot squid initially, so no way, i'll give that a pass if they are intestines..

  18. sweetwitch: i thought u said ooh la la... yes, wonder why they do that.. maybe they were pre-arranged one..

    shireen: yes..but then arranged already ah.. they look more delicious.. :)

    sk: but they didnt taste like intestines... wonder if they are belly ones..

  19. the shop so senang wanna arrange the lala like that ah

  20. I can't resist the clams! So cute they nicely arrange it.

  21. Not what I would eat, but there's nothing like a great meal out with great company :) I love hearing about new tastes and places--I'm glad you shared this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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