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Orchard Hotel And Orchard Road

Checked out from Orchard Hotel at 1pm today and hopped over to another hotel just right opposite.... we had a good laugh over this "hopping"... when I booked the hotels online, I didn't know that these two hotels are just opposite each other... (call me ah lian!)

Comparing the two Orchard hotels, there are pro and cons.. the more expensive hotel room has smaller beds compared to the cheaper one... but it has a nice LCD TV whereas the cheaper hotel has the old fashioned type but the beds are definitely bigger...

OK, anyway, just one more night and we will be on our way back to JB tomorrow.... some photos here and there..  the Christmas atmosphere is definitely very Happening in Orchard Road but my camera is not doing them any justice...
in one of the shopping malls.. Isetan, I think...
Paragon mall
inside Orchard Hotel
let it snow...let it snow...let it snow...
live band singing christmas and christian songs along Orchard Road
along the way....
Orchard Hotel...
Stopped by at JW Marriot Hotel too...just to look at their decorations...very beautiful... but too expensive to stay there... LOL....  Well, expensive or not, it is really fun to travel as a family!  Where is our next destination?  I have plans to go to go US and hope to get some great New York deals!  Meanwhile I better start saving up my dollars and cents... lol..


  1. You didn't snap the bikini babes at ngee Ann city??

  2. eee? bila u pergi? i pun kat sana! hahahahhahahahahha

  3. Beautiful trees! Glad you are enjoying your trip.

  4. Orchard Road is simply beautiful during Christmas time

  5. The Christmas lights are just beautiful. Merry Christmas.


  6. Singapore has the most beautiful Christmas decorations especially along Orchard Road. Always wanted to go there during this season to look at the lightings and gigantic Christmas trees.

  7. Orchard Road is famous with it Christmas decor. It sure very beautiful. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  8. What beautiful Christmas pictures! The second tree is very unusual, and I LOVE the blue lights!!! Everything is beautiful! Why did you change hotels?

  9. You have orchards in orchard road but no fruits..lolz

  10. Nice decor, hearsay two places to visit nearby is Singapore & HongKong during Xmas season for those brightly lighted decor on the streets.

  11. Such nice christmas decorations in singapore. Merry christmas to you Claire!

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  12. Merry Christmas. About to start our journey back to kampar. It's going to be a long drive with the massive jam ahead.

  13. Nice Xmas tree...Claire wish u and ur family member merry christmas and a happy new year,

  14. I love the snowmen. 1 papa snowman and 2 kiddie snowman. :p

  15. i think the deco along the orchard road would be great :)


  16. Used to go every year to see the lights...but can't afford anymore. Orchard Hotel...expensive lah and the one opposite used to be Ming Court, dunno the name now. How much per night? After conversion, I think can stay at 5-star hotel in KL...even at hotels like J.W. Marriot, KL.


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