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Thursday, December 1, 2011

You're The Apple Of My Eye

She wanted to watch this romantic Taiwan movie "You're The Apple Of My Eye" very badly... and since yesterday was the last day of her finals, I allowed her to watch it with her friends... Her friend managed to get the tickets but it was for the 10.30pm schedule, that means I have to go and fetch her after midnight!

Gosh, it was the first time for me to drive to Jaya Jusco at midnight.... the complex was deserted.... I managed to get a parking place and boldly I walked to the cineplex alone....
alone and deserted... 
I guess I was the only one who came and fetched kids..
normally this area was crowded and full of patrons...
and here I was, walking around and snapping pictures...
and finally saw these figures staring back at me... 
thank goodness they were not showing "ghost" movie!
Walked by myself for nearly half hour 
before the movie finally ended... phew...
It was really a very late night.. 
or should I say very early morning when we reached home... 


  1. love the show... quite romantic and very meaningful! funny as well

  2. Honour thy mother,
    Mother, mother
    You've given me two things:
    One is roots,
    The other is wings.

  3. During late nights at these places, I would be more afraid of muggers and other bad hats more than the lurking shadows. You are brave Claire!

  4. Claire, u r so brave. Alone there?

  5. i like that movie too :D hahas brave girl there!


  6. LOL....lucky not ghost movie like you said

  7. clevermonkey: that was what i heard from my girl..

    pam: reminding me again, right!

    gratitude: at first i was scared too..

    yeeling: car park also lonely.. then later, there were a few people around..

    fish: hahaa.. now sounds brave, yesterday was quite scared..

    kathy: yeah lo.. otherwise can feel the goose pimples.. haahaha..

  8. wow that cinema is really empty!! good, you indirectly own the whole theater hall when you were watching it.. i heard lots of positive reviews about this movie, planning to watch it too..

  9. and didn't you have to go to work in the morning? You are too nice!

  10. sk: a taiwan movie..

    gigi: i have to.. today i was yawning and yawning.. hahaha..

  11. I'm glad it all worked out well, you were beginning to scare me!!! How did she like the movie? Did lots of people come out at midnight?

  12. Gosh!!! I have not seen a movie for ages - not even on tv, what more to say, at a cinema and a Chinese movie at that too...and at such late hours. No, thank you.

  13. The night is a far country.
    I used to live there when my family cleaned buildings at night.
    I also drove taxi in Honolulu at night, the plot of my little novel "Aloha Where You Like Go?" @ Amazon.

    But now I am a day person and YES, it is very strange to drive about at night!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  14. isaac: hahaa..i would like to tell her that..

    ginny: mostly the young will come out at night.. "vampires!" hahaha..

    stp: we oldies are "disqualified" liow! haha...

    cloudia: i m only a night person at home.. blogging! hahaaa..

  15. Claire, you are a great mum!!!!. Brave thru the lonely night to pick your princess.

  16. I wouldn't allow if my girl wants to watch midnight movie unless her brother goes too.

  17. irene: pray and go.. :)

    wenn: if with a group, i dont mind..

  18. You are so brave! But for the sake of the children, like it or not, must be brave right? hehe.

  19. You are a wonderful who can sacrifice beauty sleep hours for your girl. She is really your apple.

  20. Very scary and dangerous going to a 'deserted' place at midnight even though its a shopping complex and you went alone phew, must have eaten 'loh fu thum' haha. Went for a late show in Mines before long long time ago and not being a regular sort of got lost going to the correct car park while exiting the complex as most major doors and exits were closed and lifts not operating. Was like a night mare for Mango & me walking up and down the stairs with strange people at stair case and corners. From that day both agreed never to go for any midnight shows any more, better be safe than sorry.

  21. claire, better wait at the karaoke downstairs if too late, at least there're people downstairs.

  22. Havent watch it.. heard its quite funny and romantic... hehe

  23. you are right, " parent can never stop worrying about the children"

  24. carolyn: no more 2nd time please.. :p

    sheohyan: 1 time enough.. :)

    bananaz: yeah, now thinking back.. there were still some workers coming out of the cineplex after that.. midnight shift over..

    lena: basement? lagi dangerous then.. i didnt know got karaoke there?

    hayley: young people will love to watch this, i think..

    eugene: keep us occupied till we go to sleep peacefully.. hahaa..

  25. You're such an awesome mother! Not only allowing your daughter to watch late night movie but fetched her to and fro on your own! Bravo Claire! :)

  26. not basement, just further down the food court..

  27. sweetwitch: mothers are like that, i suppose..

    lena: oh ic.. ok, next time i know..


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