Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Final Round On Birthday Bash

Birthday parties or dinners never seems to end, right??? hahahaa.... Ok, ongoing celebration, one day before, exact day and now one day after... still "harping" over the 21st B-day with this 3rd post... final one before I move on tomorrow...

During the dinner, our conversation touched on our holiday plans.  My sister and brother-in-law are going to Europe in March for two weeks.  They are going on their own and one of the countries they will visit is Spain.  They are gathering as much information as they can on lodging and the day tours and they might consider to find car hire in Spain too.  What an exciting adventure!

Kok Thai Restaurant..... best choice in IPOH.. hahaha...
my Big sister.. we always hand over the "knife" to her..
for you, American yee-yee...
here comes the FOOD!!
stewed pork knuckle...
steamed yam with "flower meat"
curry assam mixed seafood..
beancurd with "singkwa"
steamed village chicken...
mixed vegetable with Macedonian nuts
and the bill came to RM200.00 nett
inclusive of rice and drinks...

Andy and Cute Cousin...
Andy used to be "this size" too when he was 13....
So never worry if one is overweight during puberty time..
The puppy fats will be gone when one goes to college!


  1. Your son's birthday is really a BIG celebration wor...hahaha...nice food u have in Ipoh!

  2. You are a mother of 24 filial piety (yar sei hau). Salute...

  3. How nice to celebrate a birthday 3 days in a row!

  4. Looks like a great birthday celebration. The food looks AWESOME... Wow!!!!

    Have a great week.

  5. chinee: just a simple dinner.. :)

    pam: hey, u r yar sei hau lui!!

    kathy: oink oink ah!!

    gigi: actually 3 posts.. not 3 days.. hahaha..

    betsy: yes, all chinese food!

    mery: just a table.. im too lazy to cook!

  6. i like how you call that meat" flower meat"!

  7. wah, one 21st birthday can have so many rounds of celebrations one ah?? haha, how nice this mummy~~ but first three dishes very fattening, luckily got two vege to balance up, hahaha~~ :D

  8. What a banquet you all shared, he is very blessed to have such a family to love and appreciate him so much. Is that your mom there?

  9. Th eyam and "flower meat", no mantao to go with it. We have that here...but the other type, the sweeter one, is better. Must order when you're here...

  10. sharon: come to IPOH!

    stp: OK, KIV!! hahaha..

    ginny: yes, she is my mum!

    wenn: not really.. just a simple dinner :)

    sk: no round only but in 3 posts!

    lena: far yoke! hahaa...

  11. Very yummy, make me hungry now.


Thank you, readers!

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