Monday, January 16, 2012

A Horrigible Meal For me

She is a "Speghetti lover" and I am not... so I ended up ordering a grilled spring chicken with some "supposedly" grilled potatoes... and my whole meal was sort of "horrigible."
The plate was big but the portion inside was very small..
Just enough for my girl and 
definitely not enough for any male eaters... 
Anyway, she loves it.. fine!
When mine came out, it looked like this...
a mini-sized half spring chicken..
This cost RM32.00...
Ok, never mind, if it tasted good.. 
But when I cut it deeper...
I had a tough time doing that...
True enough, it was not cooked!!
Waiter took it back...
"microwaved" it perhaps?
Anyway, it was the most Lousy meal I have ever eaten..
Tasteless and had a funny smell...
Was it the mustard?  Or had the meat turned bad?
The grilled potatoes were half cooked..
the corn was not fresh...
I thought of complaining... but thought better of it..
 I told my girl... "No more next time...."
A very unsatisfying meal !
I went home to munch some biscuits.....


  1. It looks quite big in your pic. LOL.
    You didn't say where it was.

  2. Knock knock... which restaurant are you talking about? In Ipoh?

  3. poor biscuits! hahaha... sibu should have the best ones!

  4. kelvin: to avoid being sued.. hahaha...

    pam: Yes, Ipoh...

    WK: they better have the best ones!!

  5. Oh dear.. horrigible somemore! Which restaurant was this? The spaghetti didn't look very attractive too :P

  6. happens to us once with our salmon order. inside was so raw that it is better to eat sashimi. they took it back and when we eat the salmon it is now so dry and tough... sigh..

  7. Hi Reana, the food looks okay to me as I eat to live, not live to eat, ha ha.
    But love the bar and all the drinks.
    Wonder if they have Jack Daniels or Southern Comfort?
    Have fun.......
    When next you go eat banana leaf rice send me telegram.....
    Best regards.

  8. Oh! You should have complained! I definitely will complain if I am not happy with my meal! Besides, it's not cheap!

  9. That was too bad, Claire, especially at that price.

  10. Oh my gosh!!!! Raw chicken can make you very sick, most of them here have Salmonella. I would have not eaten ANY of it, even after fixing. What a horrible meal!!! How was your girl's meal?

  11. See! Not all that looks good are good! The chicken certainly looks very nice - 100% for presentation. Not cooked kah? Sometimes, these cafes do not defrost the meat properly, straight away inside still uncooked...and they're expensive some more.

  12. And RM32 for chicken IS expensive!!! Prime steaks go for around that price here.

  13. Sibu biscuits waiting......... Still so long! Sigh!!!

  14. Wahh...should have complain for the price u paid..

  15. For me, I sure complain about the uncooked food.

  16. Nothing's worse than half-cooked chicken! What a horrible meal. Thank God for biscuits :)

  17. After spent RM32+, still had to go back munching biscuits. This was not nice.

  18. But the chicken looks yummy from your photo....

  19. Pity you. Spend so much for a horrible meal. The presentation looks ok but looks can be deceiving. So black listed.

  20. gourmet restaurant? they always serve small portions in big plates. never want to go there coz angelbear eats like a bear...LOL

  21. angelbear: no more going there..

    irene: yeah.. for a hefty price.. sigh..

    hayley: i think i can cook better than that.. hahaha..

    yan: really not nice..

    pepper: hahaha.. yeah, good to keep biscuits in the house..

    mery: i told the waiter, Not cooked..

    yeeling: very unsatisfying meal..

  22. sharon: deceiving... hahaha..

    stp: wahh.. so excited ah!

    ginny: really raw taste.. spoilt my mood..

    gigi: really brought down my mood..

    foong: hahaa.. i m sure u would..

  23. Poor you!!
    I have a feeling that the funny smell was because it was undercooked coupled by it being of the frozen kind. I'm wary of the taste whenever I have chicken and always prefer to buy fresher ones from the wet market instead of the frozen types found at the hypermarts (from Thailand)

  24. Okay...that's a sad meal. I hate when food is so bad it gets wasted, especially meat. If you think about it, the entire bird was probably thrown away because it tasted so bad! Hope the biscuits at home were good!

  25. maybe the cook thought it was a mad it half cooked for you..


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