Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Three Kisses Goes To....

What is a MUST during Chinese New Year? Besides the food, of course.... hahaha... Red packets are very "vital" during this festive season especially to those who are not married yet... they are the receivers whereas the married ones are the givers..

Just look at the receivers' faces... oh, I must also give with a cheerful heart.. hahaha.... the red packet.. it doesn't matter how much you put inside.. it is just a Blessing... not the money that counts, right? :)
Let's start with the AA....
His look reminded me of someone....
Someone is mischievous over here....
He has to cringe... hahaha...
the Baby of the family....
Using the camera timer...
Happy Weekend To All Of You!!


  1. So sweet~~~ Don't worry, the ang pows will come back to you once they are financially independent. However, you will probably give away more as there will be some tiny little fella running around your knees, Haha... Happy "Yun Yut"... (tomorrow la...)

  2. is yan yat tomorrow? Great.. got fish to eat then.. :) wonder who is cooking porridge tomorrow...

  3. so sweet of you claire. :) This year's my first year of "giving'.. pretty fun.. haha :)

  4. wah, angpow with bonus kiss from the "leng lui" woh..

    money in angpow: RM100
    kiss from leng lui: priceless ^.^

  5. such cute and sweet moments to be treasured by all.

  6. isaac: from now on, it is all on giving! hahaa..

    sk: hahaha.. you are humorous..

    gigi: they are still young.. once they are married, it will be different..hahaha..

  7. gong hei fatt choy! ang pow plus kiss is certainly an extra special one:D

  8. Wat a sweet family potrait... gong hey fatt choy.

  9. blurkit: hahhaa... my babies..

    angelin: same to you!

  10. I'm loving these adorable pictures, they have such a good mom!!!! And you are such a close family!!! You are SuperMom!!! The firecrackers below, I just caught up on that. I have never seen them done that way, it looks like such fun!!! Must have made a real big noise and bang!

  11. Ooi!!! Working already, can give to mum even though not kahwin...but I guess it makes you happy to give...give...and give. What a loving mum!

  12. a good time with the family :)! Happy Birthdae to all since it's Yan Yat todae :P

    Latest: Pay CNY Charge Before You Dine!

  13. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family. Love the closeness you have with your kids. I want to have the same with my kids too when they grow up :)

  14. ginny: yes, indeed they were loud for a few seconds! :)

    stp: eh.. not kahwin, must give one..

    fish: yea, happy Yan Yat to you too!

    Kiasumom: hope they will continue to be close even when they are married.. hahaa..

  15. Oh so sweet muahhh..muahhhh..muahhhhh. Happy Birthday.. its our birthday today is 人日rénrì CNY Day VII.

  16. super girl and superheros

  17. I just look at these series of pictures, I know Claire is having a very wonderful family and happy kids.


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