Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Second Day Of CNY - Open Year!

Today is "Hoi Leen" meaning "Open Year" .. also means the Chinese New Year has begin... hahahaa... sorry, I am sort of a "banana" .. never really knows the meaning of these Chinese symbolic and its significance...

Whatever it is, for me, it is a time for family members to get together .. family bonding through Food, of course!

During this festive season, I spent most of my meals at my in-laws' place... fun to be with them too!!
Co-operation during meal time!
Let the young adults do their stuff....
Mostly Males.. as the picture shows...
 Durian Lovers at the kitchen doing their stuff....
at last... it is time for.......
This is Prosperity Food... hahaha...
Steamed Golden Fish...(Bawal Emas)
but all you see is the green toppings!
An old rose among the thorns.. hahaha...
See, I told you... mostly males, right?
Today has been fun... 
The not-so-fun part is...
I weighed 1 kg heavier by this evening!!  Serious!
hahahaha... I tell you why in tomorrow's post!


  1. haha, i also do not know the actual meaning behind "hoi nin" but just follow the tradition lah.. errr, that yee sang is DIY homemade one?? cool..

  2. Yes,SK.. homemade ones.. my SIL is very pandai in cooking.. :)

  3. The lou sang looked the most attractive, without all those nonsense with excess colouring and preservatives. Good job. That gives me an idea of making my own version at home.

  4. So nice... Just go to in-laws...got people to cook and clean for you. We had to cook and invite in-laws to come and eat instead...

  5. Looks like lots of fun and so much good food! You look so tiny here, I think you could gain quite a bit of weight and still be thin and normal!!!

  6. ya, I spent my day visiting relatives..great!

  7. everyone seems so happy here.. happy chinese new year to you claire. Smile and be prosperous XD

  8. pam: yes... home made ones.. my SIL does it each year..

    stp: cos you and your missus are good cooks ma... me? disqualified one! hahaha..

    ginny: oh, i m short... so i cannot afford to grow sideways! hahah..

    wenn: great!! this is the time to visit!

    isaac: yes...where food is concerned.. hahaha...

    medie: serious????

  9. It's all about food food food this CNY! ^^

  10. Eat Eat and Eat..that is fun!!

    Happy CNY to you and your family !!

  11. Claire, gong xi gong xi to you... looks like you're busy busy eating again, hehehe... this year we didn't go back to ipoh coz grandpa came down. It's a privilege to be surrounded by so many handsome men... :) wishing you lotsa good health, and good food, and good friends!

  12. Increased 1kg nia. Don't worry, after CNY go jogging. Enjoy yourself.

  13. Claire, Me too, I really don't know the meaning of "Hoi LIn" except that I know we start to eat meat and more meat after having "Jai" on the 1st day. LOL!

  14. hmmm heard of hoi neen but don't quite remember celebrating it in any particular way. its always been makan with the family on day 123...and actually..its like makan time all the way till day 14!

    gong hei fatt choy!


Thank you, readers!

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