Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Kucing's Dinner Treat In Different Taste, Bercham

Dinner was taken in Rasa Lain, Bercham... Rasa Lain means Different Taste and indeed the taste last night was different.  I feel the claypot glass noodles lack the wine aroma and instead it was filled with more garlic flavour instead, or was it more on ginger?  Somehow the originality taste was not there...
we were served a big claypot of glass noodles 
with giant crabs.... 
unfortunately, the soup was insufficient...
we had to "wallop" this fast...
ordered 10 pieces of "sar chui" fish... 
we ordered "lai pak"
but these "siew pak choy" came instead... 
wonder what was wrong last night...
(maybe chef's mind has wandered off... )
and these "sai toe" fish balls are not to be missed.. 
for these 4 dishes, the bill came to RM100 exactly..
wonder whether it was counted wrongly or not.. 
a bit pricey, I should think...
but Thank You, Mama Kucing..
Didn't expect your hands can "flip" out money
without holding any purse... (Magic!)


  1. Wahhhh!!!! So nice! So she comes Sibu, must treat me also lah? Hehehehehe!!!!

  2. Gosh rather expensive. I love the "sar chui" too especially when it's hot and crisp ;)

    Small Kuching is sooooo cute!

  3. Yum! Must have been the crab that cost a lot :D. Happy New Year!

    ps. your question - the market is in Section 17, PJ.


  4. stp: hehehe... maybe u save from paying one meal.. :)

    gratitude: wonder they count wrongly or not...

    evelyn: so you are back in Malaysia now.. :)

  5. We have stopped ordering Toong Fun Hai for years after an annoying incident. Anyway, the springy fishballs are something which none of us can resist. The one you had looked perfect to me.

  6. LOL after eat crabs already mah. hands also faster lor :p

  7. rasa lain? maybe the chef also lain already. The previous chef must be still on holiday-ing!

  8. Claire, small kucing mamarazi, short pocket long hands ma so you where got fight? Wow I wish I am there to eat all those yummy food!!

  9. the sar chui fish looks unique and nice :) The fish balls too. :)

  10. Aijor...she is fast la. Cannot win her.

  11. Yumzz, the food looks good. Next time bring me there, kekekek :P

  12. I thought Bercham is famous with curry fish head. Rasa Lain food is not bad too. Will keep this in mind.

  13. Hi Claire,
    Wah..so mahal lar the makan.The lauks look normal only although I am sure my hubby would like the fish ball..saito somemore.Sure very nice.Small Kucing at least only whips out the money without purse...Arthur's wife,Lucy and he himself lagi terror.They both can pay without even leaving the table and no money being exchange between them and the proprietor..very magic one..hahaha.

  14. U make me so hungry while i m on strict diet here......argh!

    when i go ipoh next time, bring me to this place.

  15. This is interesting! I was at Small Kuching blog just before I saw your post. Wow, what a nice feast!

    Happy 2012, Reana! It has been quite a while since we last exchanged words. Looks like u'd fun :) Happy Blogging!

  16. pam: why annoying? waited long for the dishes, right?

    kathy: oh like that one.. then i better don eat so much.. hahaha...

    lena: it must be cos the rasa is lain!

    quaypo: dont have to wish.. ipoh is only 2 hours away or so..

    isaac: everything got to be eaten fast there.. hahaa...

    christine: if hungry, they are delicious..

    sharon: i think the standard dropped already..

    yeeling: she can do magic one!

    hayley: can can.........

    sheohyan: where is the curry fish head in Bercham? i also like one!

    shereen: wow..lagi terror then.. they use sign language??? :)

    rachel: when are u coming???

  17. Blackswan: thanks for flying over here! :)

  18. Glass Noodle Absorb the Soups like a boss, it is a wise choice to Eat it "FRESH" :)

  19. Wow..food look very good. I love that claypot glass noodles with prawn. Last few days i had something similar, and the glass noodles absorb the soup and become very tasty and with very strong wine taste. Good good.


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