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Friday, January 13, 2012

SPAM For Both...

It has been ages since I last take out my "wok" to cook something... now that both me and my girl are working, by the time we reach home, the word is only "exhaustion."

Weekdays are practically eating out... or "donations" from my mum.... hahahaa.... but when it comes to weekend, when I have the mood... I could come out with a meal like this...
Remember my SPAM from Singapore?
This one is Bacon... 
one SPAM gone.. another tin left...
I had some leftover sambal dried prawns..
mixed them with some long beans.. 
and it became a dish...
followed by a ABC soup...
everything also dump in...
carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, dried abalone strips,
grounded pepper, big bones...
a meal to last from lunch till dinner!


  1. today i cooked porridge only hahaha

  2. today i only have plain wintermelon soup with rice...gosh I cud use a bowl of abc soup now... =(

  3. Hahahahaha so you took cue from my facebook breakfast post ka?!

    The sambal prawns with long beans looks so wonderfyl! ^^

  4. niceee! that's how home cook looks like! =DDD

  5. Simple, yet delicious. Home cook is always the best.

  6. Kat: oh i might cook tat tomorrow!

    Angelbear: easiest soup to cook! :)

    Ant: yes i read it in fb!

    Henry: this is home cooked food yes! Easy for me. I don know complicated dishes one:)

  7. SPAM is not in my shopping list. Instead, Tulip from Denmark is. Tulip is cheaper and not a China product, so it's safe to consume.

  8. I can't believe you actually prepared 3 different entrees. With me, I usually cook 1 entree plus a lettuce salad and a cooked vegetable, no starch. I really don't enjoy being in the kitchen, I guess.

  9. homecook meal is always the best and healthier.

  10. The soup is my favorite! Hey, have you thought about a Tablet or an iPad instead of a laptop? I love mine, and it is so light, too.

  11. No worries... Aaron's coming home for Chinese New Year - can SPAM you a lot more...

  12. Abc soup.... Hihihi.... Mesti sedappp.... :)

  13. Haha... my meals are mostly taken outside too... Unless i have the mood to cook...

  14. Aiyooo...look at your spam make me "lau hau sui" now, hungry hungry, but don't know what to eat. :(


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