Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Bash In Kuala Lumpur

During the evening we had a buffet dinner in the house to celebrate my nephew's birthday. There was nothing much to do, most of the food were either catered or cooked by my SIL.... I just linger around to touch up here and there.. hahaha... (pretend to be busy!)

This birthday party reminded me of my kids when they were small... I used to hold parties for them on their birthdays... but when they reached their teenage years, the parties began to dwindle... no more holding parties but just eating out and then a quiet time blowing out candles in the house... (yours truly is truly truly getting lazier each year.....)
for a moment, I didn't recognize myself... hehehee...
posing and pretending to be busy...
part of the food served...
then the guests began to eat after a short prayer and birthday song sung..
oopps.. Andy's serious face...
the young guests... 
After the party, I thought there would be a live band...
How I love to Jam!!
Am I too old for that??  :)


  1. Is Claire the rocker going to perform her drumming skill in the church?

  2. kathy: warm!! haha..

    sharon: ada gaya only!

    pam: that would be cool, right? too bad i dont know much about drums!

  3. so you were the great pretender of the night? pretend to be busy, pretend to know playing the drums..

  4. lena, how come I didnt think of that.. hehee.. oh, Yes, I'm the Great Pretender.. pretending that I'm doing well.. hahaha...

  5. It so cool to play those drums..

  6. d house looks very huge...
    so many ppl n small tables..

  7. What a beautiful and large house! Glad everybody had a good time!

  8. Claire, do you play the drums??? I know you can sing, but maybe you are a talented musician?

  9. Ginny: no ,i dont know how but i simply love music..

  10. I love party, especially the party food, but after the housewarming party, I never had any party so far in my house.

  11. yan: me too..love the food and then the jam!

    yeeling: hahaha.. never too old!

  12. hahaha..you look so cool in the last pic. You should've pretended to be hitting the drums.

  13. Wah...such a grand party! So nice!


Thank you, readers!

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