Friday, February 17, 2012

Credit To Tekkaus And Today Updates

Pursuant to my previous post, I want to give all credit to this Tekkaus here... He offered to do it for this auntie here, so nice of him... partly because I mentioned that my header "Contact Me" is not functioning and being "computer illiterate" on those "html stuff" ...

I was asking him how to draw high traffic to blogs...and slowly and slowly, I will learn some techniques from him... (hopefully)... His blog draws high traffic and lets see whether I can "tau si" some from this "sifu" of not... (blog discipleship) ... hahaha....

Ok, a bit of updates...

Going to take blood test today...
Going to visit vet... Labbie is sick... vomiting out white slimy substance... sigh....


  1. hope Labbie will be fine soon. Maybe ter-eat poison?

  2. You learn learn then you teach teach me okay? you are my sifu ma////hey have a great weekend and god bless

  3. Who is Labbie? Your dog or cat? If he vomit white slimy stuff, maybe he got too much phelgm. Got to give him dog's cough syrup.

  4. Hope Labbie is going fine.

    You take care too!

  5. Sorry to hear Labbie is sick again. Hope everything will be fine soon.

  6. kathy: no lai si, so she was not poisoned...

    mery: yeah, she is better now..

    quaypo: yes, u r right.. coughing and vet gave medicine.. now better.. vomit less...

    wenn: yeah, tekkaus is very helpful..

    irene: yes, now she is better. feed her with dog more rice..

    yan: thanks! u too!

    eugene: u have a nice weekend too!

    hayley: u too!

  7. Why he no teach this auntie one :) I must learn from you and him too how to draw traffic to my blog aso can call you sifu ah?

    Take care of Labbie,,,slimy stuff might be phglem..she coughing ah?

  8. Oh dear! Hope everything turns out all right.


Thank you, readers!

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