Monday, February 13, 2012

Mission Unaccomplished In Socso And EPF

Made some "fruitless" phone calls to these departments this morning..... Socso and EPF...

Sosco Ipoh telelphone number : 2538477     EPF : 2420000

After three counts of ringing, an automated machine voice could be heard...
Press 1 for Bahasa, 2 for English.. (sounds familiar, right?)
After that, press your extension number Or press "0" for operator assistance...
I pressed "0" since I do not know anyone who works there...
Then.... local music could be heard over the phone... after few seconds, automated voice saying, "All operators are busy, please hold the line."  The recorded voice repeated the same message over and over again till frustration seeped in and eventually, one would just want to bang the phone.....

Next thing.. I drove over to Socso at around 11am... parking was limited... guard asked to park along the main road...  no way!  Might get police ticket.... then off I drove to EPF.... worse!  Rows and rows of cars parked illegally along the road... again, no vacant parking...

Phone calls not picked up... parking spaces are limited....Very frustrating when I couldn't get things done...

Conclusion...time, petrol wasted with nothing accomplished...

How do the people get in touch with these departments, by the way?  Email?

I guess I have to opt for Plan B............ go at 8am... No choice...


  1. my dad just retired and he went KWSP recently, but seems like quite good. perhaps it differs by branch? =)

  2. I usually call the KWSP hotline instead of the branch.. I think it's faster that way... for SOCSO, seldom deal with them, but I usually go to the office directly..

  3. aiyah, i am not surprised with that lor.. they go to office to borak-borak and not working one lah.. the phone also pretend busy don't want to pick up one..

  4. it's always like that ..income tax dept also the same thing.

  5. That's because you live in Ipoh, a hustle bustle city with dense population. In Taiping, service is good. No pre-recorded machine voice nor problems with limited parking space. Living in a small town is better than living in a big city. That's why I have no intention on coming back to Ipoh.

  6. henry: I heard service is good but to go inside is difficult..

    cyn: i will try the hotline then! :)

    sk: maybe not enough operators..

    lena: but today my sis went to income tax.. ok wor.. maybe more parking there..

    pam: hey, in that case, maybe i go retire in Taiping, i quite like it actually..

  7. EPF very efficient...but SOCSO forever i cannot get them.

  8. happened to me before too.. probably not socso, but the epf and income tax place in KL. Penang is so much calmer..

    Guess the only way to beat the crowd is to get there earlier than them

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  9. Wonder if you can do it in Sibu - not crowded, very easy...and the people are efficient and nice - the EPF ones, at least...dunno SOSCO.

  10. best early in the morning..Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. Basic services are in decline ALL over the world - as if we hardworking taxpayers caused the financial crisis!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  12. EPF is very efficient. May I know what info you like? Is it for your BIL or urself one?

    For Socso, its work related insurance. Claiming for work accident?


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