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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whether To Be Amused Or Angry...

Next assignment on the list is the Banks ... (there are lots to do after one's demise)... Since I have the er... experience of running around like what I did when my husband passed on many years ago, my sister dedicated these official stuff to me...

Ok, just want to relate my conversation with one staff in an established bank here in Ipoh.... don't know whether to get angry or amused ....

My late BIL has a bank savings account in Camerons and since it is quite troublesome for my sister to go all the way there just to submit the documents, we made a phone call to ask them for advice.  The bank officer was very helpful, he told us to to to this Ipoh branch and get the forms signed there instead and these forms will be forwarded to the Cameron branch soon after....... good suggestion, right? 

But when I called up the Ipoh branch to relate this to them and before I could say more, the Ipoh bank officer said, "No, no.. we cannot pay out here, you must write to the Amanah Raya (Letter of Administration)....bla bla bla.."  (hello... the amount is not big la, no need to go to LA one.... )

I cut her short by telling her what the Cameron bank staff suggested, just sign the forms and that's it...  and this lady kept saying No, No, we cannot pay you here....then I told her that I was not asking her to pay me but just to submit the forms on our behalf to Camerons...

The next question amused me... "What type of forms did he ask you to sign?"  Gosh!  As a bank officer, she did not know what type of forms to sign by the next-of-kin?   I replied in a very nice way, "Indemnity and Guarantor forms, right??!"  sigh...  Don't tell me she didn't know?  But of course now, she does.....  :)

Anyway... this left me pondering a moment ago...."Why want to make things difficult for people when there is an easier way to settle it?"


  1. If no will, very difficult wor. It took us more than 10 yrs to settle one family death case...:(

  2. That's the problem with these new officers (fresh grads) these days. They may have the paper qualifications but they may not know what to do...and worse thing is they just tell you cannot...and try to get rid of you. Not pro-active at all, not trying to see how to help the customer the best way they can. Something has gone very wrong somewhere...

    But it's true what Little Lamb says - no will, lots of hurdles... Many problems to go through.

  3. Yea I don't understand too.. some officers are just plain dumb or unhelpful.. or maybe they're just lazy! :P Well hopefully you'll manage to help your sister with all the formalities ...sure headache have to run here and there.

  4. The easy way out is to say...No!!...No!!..that is the end of the story.

  5. rachel: last time i took half year to settle my husband's stuff.. no will.. susah sikit..

    stp: yeah, now must put up will and put somewhere.. easier for kids when we pass on next time..

    sweetwitch: yeah, they should be more helpful in this kind of situation..

    sheohyan: some like to make it complicated..

    irene: hahaha.... not Yes, Yes!!

  6. Lots of Red tape! Bureaucracry!

  7. the question is, how did she end up with her current job and what did she actually learn from it...

    haha oh man, how i wish everything can be done online.

  8. if under join name, just quietly sapu out the money first. Belakang baru write in and close a/c. Once u notify themm, they will freeze all the a/cs

  9. A lot of those people in the bank, they just lazy to do their work properly.
    And some even like to syok syok lost our documents and cheques also...

  10. Coz many of these people are not moticvated to work and any query from a client is automatically seen as "oh no, more work for me!".
    Sad to come across these workers right?!

  11. maybe she just want to confirm you have the correct forms.. hmmm, different officer may have different ways of handling things.. so long as you got the reference then should be ok lah..

  12. gigi: i guess everywhere needs lots of that..

    daniel: kudos to that!

    kathy: if joint, then no problem liow..

    garfield: that so..

    sk: yeah.. actually yes.. the documents must be there la.. but just be more helpful to the public..

    ant: i just want them to be more sympathetic la..

  13. Guess they should buck up in what they do..I'm very appreciative of your kindness and help for small yee this moment and you get my loving support always..God bless :D

  14. i think she misunderstood what you really wanted. you speak bahasa pasar kah?

  15. Lip service, this is what we call lip service. Haha!

  16. hmm.. that's abit sad to hear that the person in charge don't know the procedures of stuffs she's suppose to be in charge of.. ><

  17. Claire, I see I have missed so much on my break! But I have just finished reading all your posts and am caught up now. I am SO sorry about your sister's husband!!! So sudden, was it a heart attack? He has been well? I see that you are being such a big help to her, what a wonderful sister you are. I have always wanted a real sister, I know you are a blessing to her.

  18. Now you just reminded me to quickly get my will done, sis,,,,save the hustle and the unwanted hurdles

  19. Not too sure if there is a special arrangement with the Bank to withdraw the money but under the norm all bank account(s) will be frozen once there is a reported case of death and you need Amanah Raya Bhd to administer the cash not exceeding RM600K.

    You may also apply for a Distribution Order for distribution under the Small Estates (Distribution)(Amendment) Act 2008 if the gross value of the estate does not exceed RM2m and consist wholly or partly of immovable property.

  20. AA: Do what we can do to help in this kind of situation..

    lena: maybe my inglish no good?? :)

    medie: hahaha...

    henry: talk only, right?

    ginny: I didnt do much as yet.. too many documentation ..

    isaac: maybe she is testing me instead.. hahaa..

    eugene: yes, we must do one and keep..

    bananaz: gosh..those are big amount..sure need LA/Lawyer also need .. if got 2M.. wow.. fatt tatt.

  21. Urghhh..talking about dealing with bank.. Ok not all bnk.. :)


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