Saturday, March 31, 2012

AEON Jusco Station 18 IPOH

Finally a new Mega Mall is officially open in IPOH!!  The long awaiting for AEON Jusco Station 18 in Ipoh is here but from my place, it is around 25-30 minutes drive.  But it is worth the long journey for at least there are so many outlets to walk around unlike the Kinta City Jusco in Ipoh Garden.

This morning we woke up early, after taking our dimsum breakfast, we arrived at this AEON mall around 11am.  By then the car park outside was already full...we had to drive up to the 2nd level... Cantonese saying... "sun si hang"... (New things normally attracts more people and that includes me!) 
the outside view (picture taken from here)
Anyone can tell me why this Monkey Mascot?
showing off our shopping bags...
Only one angle of the mall...
oh, someone is taking a picture next to a "dustbin!"
Relaxing at "Sweet Chat" after walking for 2 hours!
We had a good time shopping there... almost every outlet is giving 20% discount
I even got myself a prize from a DJ for answering a correct answer!!  LOL....


  1. Jusco! :) Nice place to shop at.. and this one looks really big :) Nice

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  2. Hahaha.....finally one big one for Ipoh.

  3. isaac: like Queensbay Mall in Penang..

    chris: finally lo! hahaha...

  4. A brand new mall, what fun!!! Really, I don't know why the monkey is the mascot. What was your prize and what question did you answer? It must have been a perfect day!!

  5. The Jusco in Sheung Wan Sup Part looks great. Are all the outlets open by now?

  6. Ahhhhh!!! That looks very nice, very impressive. Definitely nicer than the so-called megamalls that we have here. So what prize did you win?

  7. sure looks very big huh! :D

  8. Jusco is currently the best shopping complex in Malacca. :D

  9. oooo....
    at least now jaya jusco ipoh wont be so crowded ..
    some good news..

  10. nice!! can go shopping there liao next time! XD

  11. me also went there liao...'chen yit lau'!!

  12. Yes, now at least IPOH has one more place to visit besides food all the time! hahaha...

  13. My parents were happy happy about this place coz at least NOW they have another place to take my son when he is with them for the hols. :) Looks like the mall is quite full already....goodie.


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