Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragon-i Dinner Treat By....

Actually we never planned to come by to Dragon-i for our dinner the second night... we thought of taking some other food in town... it so happened when we were "window-shopping"-ing in Queensbay Mall that something caught my eye... ooopss.. I think I already mentioned that in my yesterday's post...( sigh.. lau liow)  Old age... keep repeating and repeating...

Ok, I think it is best to let the pictures paint a thousand words....
 Presenting Dragon-i....
and my boys seem to be admiring something...
I guess it was the view from where we sat....
All smiles before the food...
Ok, lets check out the food and their Prices!!  :)
Ok, another picture of this prosperity dish called Poon Choy...
then Aaron ordered some extras... 8 pieces of "Siew Loong Pau"
(Small Dragon Dumplings)
their famous handmade Shanghai noodles
their fried french beans with lots of garlic and minced meat..
After our thanksigivng prayers... we started to ......
Thank you, Aaron for this scrumptious dinner!
After this, I am sure you will go back and tighten your belt again...
Ok, the next round will be on ME, alright? 

Dragon i


  1. why the Poon Choy got soup??? so how the taste??

  2. yummy phoon choy...i missed that. long time didnt have that

  3. soulesscloudy: how it taste? i also dont know how to describe.. :)

    kathy: next time we organize one in IPOH...

  4. Hey, really 'sik sik' hah... (know hot to eat)... All the good food, all the smiling faces.

  5. you guys sure do eat out a lot!

  6. Wahhhhh!!!! Anak earning SIN$, kaya raya lor... Got girlfriend already or not? Still available or not? LOL!!!!

  7. Your son is so generous, the bill could come up to at least RM500+ with poon Choy..

  8. pam: once in a blue moon.. first time we ate there..

    gigi: not really.. normally we eat at home. :)

    stp: hey, pour in more petrol la!! hahaha..

    inspiredmom: Less than that amount.. hahaha..

  9. LOL at STP comment....He seems looking for son in law jor..aahahhahah

  10. 2 nights in a row having poon choy? am i blur or ...

  11. stp: we will talk about that in Sibu.. hahahaa...

    rachel: no no.. how could that be.. cholesterol high liow..

  12. Hey There! I am a follower of your blog. Are you open for exlinks? please let me know if you are up to it, i appreciate it very much.

  13. I hope my sons will soon soon buy me dinner also,, soon soon? how soon ?so proud of your son,, jelos already

  14. The Poon Choi looks good! Looks diff tho (cos of the soup).

    Must be quite an expensive meal. he he.

  15. Dragon-i is one of my hubby's favourite dining place but we have yet to try out their 'phoon choy' even after so many visits.

    It looks really tempting. Maybe should try one day.

  16. clavel: thanks for coming by!

    eugene: your sons will pay for your flight to have dinner with them one day.. hahaaa..

    adrine: once a blue moon ma.. :)

    littlekitboy: try and let me know what you think. :)

  17. Yummy! you guys really know what to eat!

  18. Nice nice! Bravo to Aaron for such a nice treat! :)

  19. Their food is really nice but expensive!

  20. I love reading your blog post. Nice photo. Thanks for sharing.

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