Friday, March 30, 2012

Farewell To Working Life

I remember posting about her first check here... and today is the last day of receiving her paycheck... It has been almost three months since she started her first job and from now on, it is back to studying again.... not sure when and where as yet.

She enjoyed her working life... meeting new people and making new friends....
A farewell lunch treat and some souvenirs to remember by.....


  1. People around her are so kind in throwing a farewell party for your daughter. So warm...

  2. when i first saw the title in my blogroll, i thought it was you saying bye bye to your job!! really nice of her colleagues to make her that farewell card!!

  3. good working exposure for her.

  4. Pam: yes, her colleagues are so nice...

    lena: nowadays they are very creative!

    wenn: memang! :)

  5. Now let's see if I can comment already or not...

  6. Hah!!! Ok now... I was saying how come Fernie did not treat me to something nice when she was in Sibu? Hehehehehehe!!! Not going to start her tertiary studies yet, I'm sure? Anyway, good luck, all in the best in whatever she chooses to pursue...

  7. for now!

    Best luck, young lady-

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral


  8. Time really flies and soon your daughter will step foot into college life. Wish her good luck and all the best.

  9. Her colleagus are quite young and nice too.

  10. Her colleagues are so nice to give her a farewell party!

  11. Never mind claire,next time after finish study, she will have big big pay check all the way,,, don't worry, Fernie is a good girl,and god will always take care of her ya

  12. stp: thank you!! Next time u come ipoh, i make sure she treats u then! lol..

    ginny: yeah, great treat..

    cloudia: thanks!

    Medie: oh, i want to retire one day too!

    irene: thank you!

    yan: yes, they click very well too!

    kitty: some more gave her a watch too!

    eugene: lets hope our kids will take care of us next time! :)

  13. Now is back to studying right? :D Good for her.

  14. Work to get experience and while waiting for result is gud! Back to school is always great :D


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