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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Graceful Land Of Swan And Exotic Food In Payung, Sibu

Rested in the hotel for a short while before proceeding for our so-called lunch... come to think of it now.. our third meal was on the way and I think it was not even 1pm yet!  (if I am not mistaken.... )  lol...

Many Thanks to Wee Kean, he took my kids and I for sight seeing... (I think Arthur handed the duty over to him cos he took them there one day earlier.... ) ....

So here we are... at Rajang Esplanade... *hope I got the name correct*
 Sibu.... land of Graceful Swan...
symbol of good fortune and health for 
the community to live in peace and harmony!
Looking at this beautiful swan, something came to my mind
Reminded me that I must check into some
cheap flights to Greece for the summer holidays..
oh..someone is running loose... 
 small kucing with small girl...
Small Kucing is so cute in this picture.. 
Love this!!
some boats nearby....
Don't know why I pointed.. but I did...
maybe something fascinated me... 
oh, maybe I pointed bec this place is just opposite 
the Payung Cafe.. where we  had our 3rd meal.. 
Payung Cafe... exquisite place...
the Payung-s hanging by the ceiling.. 
so... what did we order.... 
this is a compliment dish - pomelo salad!
best salad I have ever tasted!!
Really out of the world... this is a MUST if you visit this place...
Trust me for once... hahahaa....
we ordered mushroom roll...
Another MUST have dish - Belimbing Udang... 
So-So Appetising!!
Another exotic dish..
fish with shredded ginger plus something I couldn't describe.. otak-otak picture..
looked kind of weird.....but who
it was so goody-goody!! 
Andy ordered banana shake and a 
fresh durian ice cream for yours truly here..
Ling ordered this... not bad too..
choc ice cream with peppermint...

Wee Kean had this.. but I got some share too :)
happily enjoying our food...
good food... sweet smiles...
and lastly... one for the album...
Payung Cafe... thumbs up for you!!


  1. Arthur's name very famous there. Mentioned aje can get complimentary Pomelo salad...kakaka..i likethe foodthere!! Belimbing prawns are to die for

  2. wow...i missed Sibu! Was working there 3 years ago >_<

  3. kathy: oh yeah hor.. forgot to mention that!thanks for reminding! hahaha...

    eggyolks: hey..then u must have know all the food places we have been

  4. I love pameloh salad tu.. :)

  5. wahh.. Im craving for banana shake now ...>.<

  6. I must find some time to come to Payung Cafe. Have yet to step my foot into it. Did not realize they got some really creative dishes over there

  7. cathy: sedap!!

    eunice: me too.. hahaa..

    BF: i find them very tempting and nice too!

  8. all the food are very authentic ..
    can't find it in KL

  9. My favourite in town - would drop by quite often. Quite pricey, portions not big...but very original, very exotic...very very nice. Love the place, the ambiance - have to go at night, very romantic... Wink! Wink!

  10. The pomelo salad and belimbing prawn looks tantalising. The pomelo salad will probably get me hungry (or hungrier) then I can go carboloading with the rice and belimbing prawn. *salivate*

  11. oh, this place was featured in Arthur's blog before i remember!! wow, and that pomelo salad looks just so nice and appetizing!! i like it..

  12. pomelo salad is something new..yumm

  13. simpleperson: yes, they are quite special in their own way! :)

    stp: romantic? then must go with your love one la.. hahaha... we went at daytime.. so not romantic but yummytic! hahaha..

    sk: yes, that pomelo dessert is complimentary one.. mention Arthur's name!

    wenn: yes, we should have this over here in IPOH..

  14. It is thunderstorm here in Quay Po's house because did not get to eat at Payong! Regrets I had for not staying longer.

  15. Sedapnyaaaaaaaaa!!....all the food looks so heavenly.

  16. Wah. Blogger travelling together?

  17. @STP : Nevermind if pricey provided the food is good. Some shop food pricey but taste lousy how? To me the portion of the food here kira okay la. meant for 1 person not for sharing.

  18. Yup...but usually we order one dish with one rice and then we share the lauk - just nice, enough to go round. Yum! Yum! Now I'm craving... Wonder if anybody's coming to town - can take him/her there....

  19. Interesting. So many dishes that we can't get in the Peninsula. That's real exotic, I mean for the West Malaysians.

  20. quaypo: more to come.. more thunderstorms!! hahaha..

    irene: indeed they are!!

    medie: meeting in Sibu..yes!!

    kathy: but we shared.. cannot help not taking the prawn and belimbing!

    stp: all these dishes came to RM94... cheap or not.. i also cannot say...

    pam: yeah.. exotic is written in their menu too!

  21. I wish to go again to Payung Cafe. Just too much of dishes yet to be tried out.

  22. Not cheap! This place is not cheap...but the food is very special and sooooooo very nice!

  23. hey i think i been to this place.. hehe.. high 5


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