Monday, March 19, 2012

Ruby Restaurant And Muhibbah Garden, Sibu

In this post, it will be a joint meal of our 5th and 6th meal of the day.  As Kathy mentioned earlier, we had 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and now the following are one dinner and one supper!  We can call ourselves "Glutton Bloggers" if we carry on eating like this!

Since Ling is leaving around 6pm for her night flight back to KL, we had our early dinner in Ruby Restaurant, the one I was yearning to go after reading so many positive comments about the food there...

I was still very full actually.... how I wish my metabolism works like a teenager then.. can get hungry easily!
nevertheless, this fried mee sua couldn't escape my mouthfuls...
Pandan chicken seasoned with some spices...
Ever popular.... the Midin
and venison with ginger...
I forgot how much the bill came to around RM60...

Soon it was time to take Ling to the airport... and guess where we went after that?  
Yes, to food court Muhibbah... 
Arthur and family were waiting for us there!
we were "accosted" with this snack when we sat down.... 
So "WOW"... chicken floss with fried brinjals! 
First time I tasted this dish.... 
Arthur continued to feed us with
Foochow Siew Mai..
he told us 50sen each only!  Unbelievable!!
too bad my stomach said "No Entry!" sigh..
my girl wanted to try Sibu ice kacang..
so both of us shared this... 
while waiting for the ice kacang...small kucing caught my attention...
"What is he trying to do?" heheheeee... must ask his mama...
Let's not first..
Our 6th meal in one day....


  1. Blogger Simple Person said...

    Wah one thing for sure ... U will never go hungry when u at Sibu...

    March 19, 2012 9:19 PM
    Anonymous Pam said...

    6 meals per day. Macam pergi kursus... haha.

    March 19, 2012 9:42 PM

  2. fuyoh, that fried mee sua looks so tempting!! i like it so much, by only looking at the photo, haha!! fried brinjals topped with chicken floss, wow, this is interesting, i want to eat!!!

  3. i think i would like the fried mee sua too :)

    wow, not sure if i said this before, but your sibu trip should be called a "Overseas Food Trip".. hehe non stop food XD

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  4. & eat like nobody business.

  5. simpleperson: have food will travel far far... :)

    pam: memang tak boleh kurus leh!

    sk: yes... my first time eating that too..

    isaac: next time.. next time i will write that.. hahaha...

    chris: food .. food.. foodddd..

  6. fried brinjal with chicken floss surely taste good..

  7. What is mee sua and chicken floss? Those look my favorite! Gosh, you eat so much, and et stay so thin!!! Wish I was like that!

  8. Come on over [SK]... Sibu and STP welcome you!!!

  9. Smallkucing chasing girl liao.....he he he

  10. rest for stomach once in Sibu..ahahhaha

  11. pete: cute hor...

    yeeling: poor stomachs.. hahaha..

  12. If i remember correctly bill comes up to RM71.20. But when i wanna korek out the rm1.20, the boos say no need. Hmmm...must have recognised us friends of STPO kot from the 1st round makan there.

    At the hawker center ah....smallkucing trying to "sik taufu " lor...kakakkakakaka

  13. Kesian your stomach. Have to stuff so many things at a time. At first glance, I thought the fried brinjal with chicken floss is sago worms

  14. kathy: lol.. sik tau fu?

    irene: wait... sago worms will come later.. hahaa..

  15. Somehow I wonder how you can stuffs all those food in one day. I going back during the weekend but I doubt I can go through what you had in just a short span of time

  16. Wow....the midin is paku-pakis right? Haha :D

  17. Pandan chicken looks nice as well. :D

  18. Yes, smallkucing, the boss is very nice - will always round up the figure...but not the missus. Yunno lah! Women!!! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  19. bf: dont be like us... u take your own sweet time..

    chris: i think from same family but theirs is more refined.. yes, the pandan is also different.. like those satay spices..

    stp: no comments! hahahaa...

  20. not easy to get fried mee sua. the one you had looks perfect rather than lumpy. must be seriously yummeh.

  21. Everything also looked nice, including the ice kacang. The siew mai only RM0.50, I will take 10 of them for sure.

  22. missy: not actually lumpy..only one small patch but nevertheless very tasty!

    yan: have to diet first before going to Sibu la.. hahaa..

  23. When the food is so good, eating it is such a bliss right? Makes me salivate looking at your post..:)

  24. Fei-sei-lor! Did you pants size go up a notch? lolz
    Do not feel guilty as everyone would have wallop the food espcially the mee suah. Gosh, I wanna go tapao fried mee suah too tonight! :s

  25. what fun!! everything looks so fabulous...and so much! lucky you!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  26. wow claire, your trip to sibu was really makan-ning al the time! i would have taken some eno and fat burners along if i go with you!!

  27. The Ruby restaurant and Muhibbah garden is excellent. You can get good food her


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