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Thursday, March 22, 2012

We Ate Sago Worms In Sibu!

This is a "Gross Post"... for those who "wince" easily, please read on and start wincing...:)

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts, Arthur Wee invited us to his house for a scrumptious dinner.  We wanted to add something exotic to our meal so Wee Kean bought these Sago Worms from the market for RM10.....he managed to convince us that once we start eating them, there would be no stopping.... lol...
Sago worms... alive and squirming... 

Arthur's wife is so kind to wash and do the cooking for us.... as long as she doesn't have to eat them, she wouldn't mind preparing them for us... thank you, Lucy..
 washes them with running tap water....
there... all clean and smelling good...
and now golden brown crunchy Worms....
next... lets start with the younger generation...
they are always more "daring" than the oldies, right?
 Fear Factor potential participants!
oh man!!!
oh gosh!!!
is it my turn now???? 
can I "disqualify" myself, please?
After much grimacing and swallowing my fear...
I took a bite!!
"Quick, quick... take a picture 
before I change my mind!!"

And hence.. that was the day I ate a worm...
come to think of it, I don't think I would again!


  1. Claire.....i don't even dare to go near it...Gross la!

  2. that is a delicacy la...and know what...eating these sago worms makes one looks younger ! You want to keep looking young eat more :PPPP

  3. Ewww.. i don't dare eating it too.. haha :P

  4. Eat this? not over my dead body!!

  5. OMG!!! I won't try it at all! =X

  6. Eww....

    *look again*

    No, I can't bring myself to eat it, no, no, no!

    Btw, Claire, you took a bite only or ate the whole worm?

  7. I ate once - and that's enough to last a lifetime. Ya...I hear it's like chicken butt - will keep a woman looking all you ladies must eat more of that! Me? Too late liao... Sobsssss!!!!!!

  8. Claire, you didn't tell us. Yummy or not?

  9. gross. >< ahahahahha! anyway, I salute u ! ^^

  10. Yum yum, lots of nutrients......

    ha ha ha

  11. yeeling: maybe u should overcome it like me.. aiksss!

    elin: i should have bought back for u too!! hahahaa...

    ken: i think peer pressure will make u do it! :)

    quaypo: u dont know what u r missing! hahaha...

    ren: see also scared at first sight!

    yvonne: took the whole worm except for the head..

    kianfai: u must try then only u know how juicy.. :)

    stp: me also too late.. sobbbsss..

    yan: i cannot describe the taste, only that it is not awful... er.. should i say "heong?"

    eunice: dont salute me.. maybe my curiosity made me ate that! hahaha..

    pete: *slurp* hahaha..

  12. Was it crunchy on the outside whilst melting in the inside? wahahahaha
    That pic of you is just so entertaining! lolz

  13. serious, are they really a kind of worms or just a name?? if it's really worms, i cant imagine myself taking a bite, i tak boleh lah!!

  14. Eeeeee.... I have never tried before... Geliiiii

  15. The old literature component "Wilson The Lotus Eater" has now been replaced with

    "Claire The Worm Eater"

  16. i have to convince you with my arms and legs that it tasted good. Almost throw the whole family of worms onto Arthur's garden... Nice, peanut butter aftertaste, skin bit chewy... Next, must try biawak or crocodile meat...

  17. WK: I thought no one dare to wash and cook ma.. so put in Arthur's garden to fertilize his plants.. hahaha..

    Pam: gosh.. sounds gross!! hahaha..

    medie: hey, hi Doc!

    gratitude: u r very right! u must have eaten before!

    lena: can bake cake with them too! gross!!! hahaha..

  18. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! Read so much about ur trip to Sibu unfortunately I cant comment in STP's blog dunno why :(

  19. you are so brave! i would have chickened out and hidden somewhere. but out of curiosity i wonder what it smells and taste like?

  20. Oh...never know that Sibu got sell worms.......I don't dare to eat...

  21. OMG!! that's eerie indeed!! so fat and so huge, i bet when you bite some liquid must have burst out in your mouth!! so how does it taste like actually??

  22. OMG! gross...I don't think I wanna eat kesian.... :p

  23. LOL pure peer pressure ...nice ah? want some more?

  24. Eweeeeeeeeeeee!!!!...geli, see the pictures already make my hair stands on end.

  25. irene: eat and then the hair will go down.. hahaha...

    kathy: i know u terror already la.. can compete already! hahaha.

    sk: juicy like eating peanut butter but crunchy on the outside..

    merryn: must log in using FB..

    mery: in the central market..

  26. I had the courage to take dog meat and even scorpions, but worms? It's also a Fear Factor challenge for me.

  27. In Sabah we call this worm - Butet. I followed my relative to hunt for this worm before. I was there when they cook it and sadly I never dare to try it, hahaha.

    You all did better than I do!


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