Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bandar Timah In Old Town

It was brunch for us again this morning, by the time we got ourselves ready for our first meal, it was already 11am... my girl and I ventured out to old town on this beautiful Sunday.   By then it was not so crowded and parking was easily accessible... 
we were here... Jalan Bandar Timah...
During my schooling days, it was known as Leech Street....
Leech Street in Old Town....
This old building is turning into a boutique hotel very soon..
my girl and I had our breakfast just opposite the building...
My breakfast... dried curry noodles with pieces of chicken...
my girl had a plate of hakka noodles...
with a bowl of cooling water chestnuts
I had pumpkin sago with yam... gosh!!
Our meal at All Inn Cafe...
 This meal lasted us till dinner... 


  1. Opposite Kong Heng? Not sure if I had seen that shop before but the food looked quite ok to me.

  2. This food looks a bit different from the type you usually eat!

  3. The curry noodles look quite good...but not the Hakka noodles.

    I love those old colonial buildings - glad that they're maintaining them well there.

    Here, they demolish them and build new modern ones that do not look so nice. Hmmmm....I can see one building that badly needs a new coat of paint.

  4. pam: yes, just opposite the golden noodles too.. :)

    ginny: this is the authentic food of Ipoh..

    STP: the buildings in old town normally look quite "old" .. that is why they are called old town.. haha... some are being preserved and turn into "boutique hotels"...

    wenn: not bad.. but i dont fancy curry a lot.. once a while only..

  5. the hakka noodles seems good ..
    n the dessert is something different .. should give a try next time...

  6. pumpkin sago with yam sounds like a must-have there T_T so yummy! i wanna go ipoh now!

    Latest: FiSh Castle

  7. Lasted til dinner?? So geng ar!

    The tong sui looks nice!

  8. simpleperson: yes, they have a selection of tong sui each day..

    fish: yeah, u should.. :)

    hayley: yes, my dinner was around 7pm yesterday.. just nice..

  9. Pumpkin sago is my all time favourite.

  10. Like I have always said,you are betul betul a jalan jalan cari makan punya blogger lah,,,,,,,,

  11. yan: me too.. pumpkin is good for health.. :)

    eugene: i dont know what else to do when i m off work.. :)


Thank you, readers!

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