Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heavier And Lighter In Akamomiji

By the time we reached Ako.... I was super-hungry already! I didn't take lunch, er.. just took a plate of "rojak" (mixed fruits) during noon and that was it..... so imagine by dinner, I was like a "hungry horse" with "no more strength!" ...(long face showing teeth)

I allowed her to do the ordering... all I need was Food...Foooood for my poor stomach...
While waiting, I "unflashed" my camera....
I think I need a new one.. just see how blur the pic is..
First one to arrive.. my girl ordered a soft crab handroll for me...
So hungry that it tasted so good...hmmmm....
next came this giant.... er.... Fried Ramen wrapped with Omelette...
So big the portion that I have to share it with my girl....
Next came two rows of Maki something...
Chicken ham and Unagi...
there are 16 pieces!!  
Gosh.. both of us managed to "wallop" all that.... 
Our dinner that cost RM61.00 ($20usd)
What a pricey dinner...
By then... I was more than full...
My stomach is heavier...
But my purse is lighter....
No more Japanese food for me for a long while now...*burp*


  1. No more Jap food, until you see another great serving of sushi and sashimi! hehe

  2. Pricey but the portion is like trying to eat a mountain like that! haha

    So fun mother daughter moment =)

  3. gratitude: now I am feeling very thirsty!

    daniel: big portion, right?

  4. Wahhh...big portion. No wonder is pricey.

  5. It's worth the money. Look at Fernie, how happy she was when dining at the Jap restaurant.

  6. very big least,worthy to spend on it la.

  7. spending with loved ones.. price doesnt matter hor :) .. wow, now got conversion to USD dy.. hehe

  8. The two of you ate ALL of this, WOW!!! And yet you both remain quite thin!!!!

  9. You too can sure eat! That's a HUGE portion for two ladies!

  10. and your girl should have gone to try one of the Japanese places in Sibu - they're very nice and not really expensive, I think.

  11. U r tempting me with Jap food. Aaaa... so longing for some sushis. Hubby doesn't like jap food :(

    Wah...16 pieces is a lot ! Bravo for the 2 of u to finish of that plate. haha.... don't waste food, whatmore such an expensive food.

  12. ling: yeah, and both of us have to finish them.. :)

    pam: she is a Big fan of Japanese food!

    mery: once awhile ok, i guess :)

    isaac: for other bloggers ma.. hahaa...

    ginny: we eat less for other meals.. hahaa..

    merryn: what to do.. she has ordered.. so just open my mouth and eat! :)

    stp: aiyah!! u didnt tell us!

    mnhl: i was hungry then.. otherwise sure cannot finish..

  13. Everything would taste nice if you are really hungry.Japanese food are always pricey. Quite a big portion.

  14. emmm yummy, Japanese is my favourite.

  15. both of you can really eat! that day i passed by the shop, saw that there's a promotion for soft shell this the one?

  16. irene: once awhile eat puas-puas.. lol...

    vicky: can join my girl's club! :)

    lena: oh, we didnt notice the promotion.. not sure same one or not.. this one is near to the McD..

  17. wow that is a LOT of food for 2 ladies!

  18. You sure very very the enjoy life, always can read about you eating out at nice nice makan places,,,you know what,Jap foods are my all time fav but I really think they are expensive lah...

  19. Yeah, Japanese food is pricey but with that amount of food, it sure will keep u full till the next day.. Love Japanese food! :)

  20. waaa super ex...

    oh ya, ask your son to get frm sg la. hahahaha. got 100+ camera wat. :P

  21. I don't mind Japanese food anytime. I'm also a fan of Japanese food.


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