Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Road Side Meal At First Garden

"Where are we going for lunch?" This is the usual question my colleague will ask when we meet up at our office lobby each afternoon. Sometimes we pre-plan our schedule during the morning and at times we are "aimless" as to where to go for lunch.

Normally we do not need to say anything till we are out of our office gates and then let the roads lead us till we make a decision... something like.... Have Road Will Travel....

This afternoon the roads led us to First Garden... when we reached there, we saw there were a few hawker stalls... well... the rest of the story is here below...
A lone hawker stall... 
feeling curious, I went over to see what he has...
ended up buying these for our lunch...
3 pieces of vegetable dumplings (kau chi)
and a piece of raddish cake....
Another hawker stall selling Rojak (mixed fruits)
sprinkled with lots of nuts....
a bowl of beancurd dessert with coconut sugar, 
Rojak and Dumplings....
Hence, we ended up sitting by the roadside 
to take our "kind of funny" lunch...


  1. simple crispy dumplings.. looks yummy yummyy!!

  2. ooo dumpling n rojak selling together??
    how is the rojak taste?

  3. the raddish cake comes with lap cheong inside?? looks very nice leh, of course also the pan fried gao ji and the rojak, so generous to give so many peanuts..

  4. eunice: they tasted not bad actually..

    kathy: oh u like rojak?

    simpleperson: they are opposite each other.. the rojak there is not bad..

    sk: roadside stalls offer better options..cheaper too!

  5. Occasionally, I allow myself to do the same, gulping down all the food I found in the night market without being bothered too much about calories and cholesterol. It's fun eating this way.

  6. hehe, kind of funny lunch, but i think its "kind of nice" lunch too! :)

  7. I think I would tried the mixed fruits with nuts


  8. looks good to me!!!

  9. So how did it taste, would you go back? It all looks really good for vendor food, except for the nut covered stuff.

  10. Yumz!
    But I could imagine what my Mom would have said if she ever saw me eating these foods for lunch, "don't eat lap chap yea, have a proper meal!" Lolz

  11. Huh? I thought I commented already leh?

  12. stp: tak nampak pun?

    gratitude: yes, moms are always right, u know.. hahaha..

    isaac: yes, good to eat lap chap once awhile..

    pam: eat away!!

    ginny: vendors food are cheap and nice.. hahaha..

    wenn: nice food near your place!

    gigi: yes, they do..

    filip: great!

  13. I don't mind taking roadside food, most of them taste nice one, may be because of extra ingredient - dust.

  14. They all look yummy to me...I don't mind sitting at roadside eat..as long as they taste good.

  15. yan: u r very right!! :)

    mery: added ingredients.. hahaa..

  16. Dumpling looks delicious. How about the tao fu fa? Good?

  17. The tao fu fa and rojak looks delicious. I do sometimes took lunch from the hawker stall...

  18. That's a simple yet special lunch. Every day eating rice and noodle also boring. haha...

  19. wow yummy, sometimes the simplest things taste the best... never been there before thought, shd get the dierections there when i am ipoh next time

  20. i didnt know that the lady has gula melaka for her tau foo fah..is the dumpling nice?

  21. lena: dumpling nice.. the lo bak koe also fine.. yes, she has black and white sugar...

    kristen: ok, u can ask me.. hahaha..

    kimura: not bad..

    alv: cos nowadays not many roadside stalls..

    yeeling: everything to me is nice.. hahaaha..


Thank you, readers!

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