Friday, April 20, 2012

Portugal Destinations

For budget travelers like me for instance, one of many reasons that I love to travel is when there are cheap flights, lower currency rates and great discounts in accommodations.  Secondly, traveling to other parts of the world, I need to check out the weather and thirdly, the people I travel with.... it is the right company that makes the trip worthwhile....
 It seems lately I have many dream trips, no doubt about that.  I cannot wait for my retirement age to come, in a matter of two to three years, I hope I can travel to many parts of the world. One of the many places I would love to visit one day is Algarve in Portugal.  Why Algarve?  Firstly, there are always cheap flights to Europe and those seeking buckets loads of sunshine and yet cooling at the same time is in Algarve, Portugal.  This famous and popular destination offers golden sandy beaches for families, sports enthusiasts, nature lovers and even celebrities from all over the world.  I have yet to step onto these Portuguese Holidays but I would love to visit one of the many famous places in Portugal one day.
  Much have been read and heard but the real experience of stepping down onto this exotic land have yet to be materialized.  The best month to visit Algarve is during the July month where it is the busiest summer from then on till September.  Historic attractions, nature with thousands of flora and fauna species, photography, scenic mountains and beaches, basking in the golden beaches and absorbing the beautiful sunset in the evenings, exotic and fine dining, well, what more can we ask... hmmmm......

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