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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Quebec City

Let me talk a bit about Quebec City tonite...It is a province in the central part of Canada and the only Canadian province with a predominantly French-speaking population...naturally, the official language is next time, before we venture out to Quebec city, lets learn up some relevant French words.... (haha) ...the only words I happen to know are bonjour and merci only.. shameful to say..

Looking at these pictures make me wish that I could go there once again... I am sure my kids will love to go, they were still very young when I made the trip to Canada.  One needs lot of stamina when it comes to traveling.  That is why I always tell my friends to travel when they are still young and not to wait till they retire.  (speaking from experience cos nowadays I feel my "battery" is not as strong as those years!)  Oh, before I forget, this time before I travel, I must look into some travel insurance quote, just in case, cos I am getting more and more absent-minded nowadays.

 The church where Celion Dion's marriage took place...


  1. Yes, travel when you are young. David and I face health issues now that we are in our 60s and cannot walk very far during tours.


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