Sunday, May 27, 2012

Buntong Noodles For Both Of Us

Andy and I went to town for our dinner, I didn't feel like cooking, still feeling lethargic after all the "achooooo" and running rose syndrome.... Whatever discomfort, believe it or not, I still have the appetite to eat "full blast."  A bit tasteless no doubt but nevertheless, I still want to have a nice meal to satisfy my hunger....

With no plans in mind, we passed by this Buntong noodles in town and spontaneously, I said, "Come, lets eat noodles tonight!"

This shop is very special...during weekends, you got to take number.....
Right, we were the 15th customer..
clip the number to the stand provided 
and wait to be "serviced" 
in a way, it is good... first come first serve basis..
I salute the "ladies" who serve...
they have good memories!
I ordered this for myself...
"loe shu fun"
this is "an extra" plate...
Andy's share....6 pieces...
I took 6 pieces...
one bowl of beef stew... 
(I drooled but I refrained from taking....)

3 plates of noodles and the above....
just for the two of us...
Big Eaters, aren't we?
gosh... Andy couldn't wait to start...
it has been a long time since we came here...
we must come here again... 
choose a weekday, not so crowded...
As for the above, the cost came to RM15.50...
I think it is quite reasonable....


  1. Cheap lo. here YTF is nearly rm1 a piece

  2. hope u r better now..take care

  3. This all looks terrific and soup is good for recovery. The stand looks like bookends I have, maybe it is and they are using them for stands, a clever idea!

  4. wow their yongtaufu and noodles must be really special there to capture so many customers :)

    Latest: 100 Years Old Creation

  5. Glad that you're almost upto full recovery. Westerners take chicken soup for colds whilst Claire wallops soupy noodles and ytf! Lolz

  6. I think it's more value for money than the big tree foot stall...

  7. You should be eating porridge. Where's Fernie? Gone off to study already? So many things, round up to RM7 plus each - that's very reasonable.

  8. Looks good. Very cheap consider you have ordered so many things. I like the 6 pieces of Andy's share.

  9. Waahh...the lou shu funn looks good. Certainly a comfort meal minus the long queue?

  10. food looks delicious. hope they were enough to comfort you from your cold. :)

    thanks for linking up with us at Mommy Moments!

  11. where is it? address, or directions please? :)

  12. O wow! Makes me sooo hungry right now :)

  13. Huge portion just for two le... Yummy yummy yummy

  14. Oh dear, all my replied comments are missing... anyway thanks for coming by to comment about the buntong noodles.. anyone who is not sure of the address, can contact me when you come to Ipoh.. :)

  15. Cheap lol...somemore lot of nice foods...


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