Monday, May 7, 2012

JPA Scholarship Interview In Matriculation College

For the next ten days or so, my girl and I will be doing some last minute shopping for stuff which she has to take to college.  To make it easier, she has put up a check list on what to buy and what to pack... *tick tick*

For her, it will be a very new experience to be away from home after staying with me for more than seventeen years... it is time to fly off... to be on her own for the very first time...

The government has kept their words.. they gave this "bursury program" to all who scored 9A+ regardless of race and ethnics...

As for my girl, she is not entitled to the Bursury program but she is going for a JPA interview up north in a few days time... so...  we are taking this opportunity to go for a short holiday there before she starts studying again.... chances of getting this scholarship is slim... it is just an excuse for me to take a few days off to relax after a busy month in April.  

(eh .. oh oh... how come I feel so "chilled" all of a sudden?  I hope I am not going to get sick... Must be due to eating too much Bra Ears Biscuits!)


  1. Whatever the outcome I hope everything will go smoothly for both u and Fernie.. Good luck :)

  2. ha! so funny. You still have a great sense of humor, Claire. Have fun.

  3. the weather is hot and drink more water ..
    all the best in the interview...

  4. Up north? In Penang? All the best to Fernie, good luck! And you take care too... Not the right time to fall sick, she needs you for this and that.

  5. Claire, all the best to your girl! My girl didn't apply for anything. She wants to continue she studies in Form 6, so just let it be. And my girl's 9As friends' Matric & teaching course application both have failed. So, also going to form 6 as well.
    Hope you're having a great week ahead, dear.((hugs))

  6. All the best to your girl....
    Oh no...don't fall sick at this time, drink plenty of water and pop in some vitamins. Takecare and have fun !!

  7. Going for a holiday soon, so you better don't get sick.

  8. Good Luck and all the best to your daughter. Claire, take care of yourself too. Hugsssssss!!...

  9. wei,,,super mommy....take care. Drink more water and vit C ya

  10. merryn: thank you!

    agnes: will take a drive all the way!!

    gigi: laughter is best medicine! :)

    simpleperson: the interviews that are endless...

    stp: yeah, must pump myself with lots of C...

    kristy: mine doesnt want form 6, that is the problem.. so we applied for this and that..

    mery: yeah, drink more and sleep early! :)

    yan: yes..a short getaway..

    kathy: YES Madam!!

    medie: thanks doc!

  11. Best of luck to your daughter and quickly drink a lot of water. Cannot get sick! :)

  12. All the best to your girl!

    Gulp down honey lemon. Take care...

  13. All the best for the interview and you dont want to get sick at this crucial moment, right?

    Take care, ya!


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