Monday, May 14, 2012

Mum, Sometimes I Wonder How You Do It All...

 I wonder too... 
The card I received from my 
Little Girl turned Big Girl...
 The card that paints a thousand words...
Words that made me cry.....
"Another new chapter of my life will be starting soon......." (she is growing up...yes) 
"Don't worry about me... I am learning to be independant...."
"Be confident in your daughter and think positive....heheh " (she laughs like me) 
"I know you will miss me very much...I will too....."
"I won't be here to accompany you... "
"There is nothing I can do to replace all the things you have done for me... ever since my first cry...."
"Do take care of yourself when I'm not around, kay? I will be missing you too!"


  1. Nice card...very touching!!

  2. I am also very touched..Almost cried when I read and see Fernie growing to be who she is now.

  3. I am also very touched..Almost cried when I read and see Fernie growing to be who she is now.

  4. The bond between mom and daughter is unbreakable.

  5. Last pix is one Fernie I knew.... kekekek... Happy Mummy's Day...

  6. mery: i was equally surprised myself..

    B: me too.. never realize...

    gigi: true...

    bean: did we get any older? :)

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww, so sweet of Fernie and you kept all her cards.

    Yeap, she's leaving the nest her and u have nurtured her to your very best.

    She's gonna make you proud. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. oo how sweet ..
    so next pic u should holding ur grandaugther..

  9. so must be a very proud mum..

  10. gasp.. i'm shedding tears reading this. You've got to be strong Claire. I remembered the day I left home for college. I've never seen my father cry but that day, when I called home, he cried on the phone saying he missed me. I so wanted to just leave everything and fly home.. but I did not and only go back home 3 weeks later. It's tough, for both the kid and the parents in this new chapter :(

  11. jessie: thanks!

    simpleperson: oh gosh, i dont want to get old so fast.. hahaha...

    wenn: our kids are making us proud.. :)

    montessourimum: girls can make us cry..

    merryn: u r one soft lady too.. teary like me..

  12. happy post mother's day Claire! :) .. you're a wonderful mum to your kids!

  13. Sob! Sob! And she's leaving home... Reminds me of the time when Melissa was going for further studies and I watched the youtube video of the song, "Slippin' thru' my fingers" from the movie, "Mamma Mia". Don't go and watch...or don't say I did not warn you,.. LOL!!!

  14. Your girl knows you are a great mom. She is a wonderful daughter too!

  15. You are a wonderful Mom and she knows it...yea relinquish and let are always her great mom and good friend !

  16. awwwww so sweet!! im sure you felt touched huhh? =DDD

  17. sweet. Girl meant to be sweet hor..hahahah.

    Happy Mother's Day Claire!

  18. So sweet of your daughter. Sobs!!!....sobs!!!...but don't worry time flies very fast. In a blink of the eyes she will graduate. Wish Fernie all the best.

  19. Awwww, sweet. Daughter is always sweet. You deserve all these beautiful words.

  20. so priceless! but i noe mom no matter what always their kids like a baby! :D Happy mother's day to u Claire! hope this is not too late to wish u ;)


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