Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Red Babe Turns Wobbly And Bumpy

While driving to Penang, I felt that my Red Babe is not feeling too good, especially at the front wheel. It kept going to the left on a straight road, so it can only meant one thing to me, car alignment has run. Told Andy and he took me to this mechanic shop in Sungai Nibong .....
I didn't know this is a service shop for KIA until I looked up...
Since we have to wait for the mechanic to check, 
we went to a nearby corner shop to have our lunch....
when I saw that they have fried chee cheong fun, 
I couldn't resist ordering...
Never tasted fried chee cheong fun before...
but I will stick to fried koay teow noodles
after tasting this...
my girl had 2 buns for her lunch...
cheese and eggs, meat floss and eggs...
while Andy and I had koay teow th'ng instead..
they tasted great!!

And then the sad news came... the mechanic told me that my front car absorber needs to be changed, it has "cracked" or something like that... He could do it there and then for RM450 (original parts) but I told him that I would repair them when I get back to Ipoh...
No wonder my Red Babe is so "bumpy"  in front... like "galloping a horse" at certain parts of the roads... sigh... I can see $$$ flying off soon.......


  1. Claire wishing you a very bless Mother's day.

  2. Wah!!! Kway teow th'ng!!! I like! Aiyor...did not change there kah. Risked driving back in that condition. Hope you've got it serviced now. That's always the case lah, this and that asking for money... Hair all turn white. :(

  3. Do not prolong doing the replacement and also check the back ones at the same time. Both sides must be changed at the same time even if one side seems to be good. You do not want an unstable car later. The reason for doing it pronto is to save you some more bucks. Shot absorbers are notorious for getting your other (still good) parts worn out faster than they should. You can use other brands of absorbers but just make sure they come from a reputable supplier. Sometimes other brand absorbers are better but you must let the mechanic know your preference, e.g. soft or firm ride, good damping effects etc etc. ori parts are mass produced so they just conform to the standard requirement whereas others may be more lasting and giving a more comfortable ride. The choice is yours of cos. Take a few pix of the transplant when you have it done. btw, check the brake pads, brake hoses and suspension bushes at the same time. Make sure you do an alignment after that cos the alignment will definitely be out. If the steering wheel is vibrating at certain speeds, check the wheel balance too. After all these, you can have another long long way to travel before the next problem crops up. duh!

  4. Aiyor, you still dare to drive back in that condition. Anyway, get it change soonest possible before another problem pop out.

  5. angelin: thanks for the wishes!

    stp: did not change there cos I am afraid it might be more expensive and the mechanic said i can do it in ipoh, no problem about driving back..

    bean: thanks for the information and advice... layman's term is what I need to know.. ok, will see to the transplant and not leave my car there alone. He told me original is 440rm per pair whereas the non-ori is RM380rm per pair. I have changed the brake plates before.. not too long actually.. once again, thanks!!

    irene: yeah, now come to think of it, risky, right?

  6. Happy Mother's Day dear...and get the car done first...$$$ will fly in soon . Don't worry :)

  7. Happy Mother's Day, Claire. Big big hugs for you.

  8. Glad you made it safely home. Happy Mother's Day

  9. elin: think positive, right? hahaha..

    irene: Hugs you back!!

    Patty: Thank you... Happy Mother's day!

  10. The secret is not to drive it much, like me! Lol. I have a 2002 Hyundai Accent that still works well, because I just drive it to doctor's appointments, pedicure, and hair cuts, and that's about it.

  11. safety is very important! Happy Mother's Day!


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