Tuesday, June 12, 2012

IPOH versus PENANG Bah Chang-s!

Bah Chang day is coming soon! By now I think many blogs have put up their home-made bah chang-s (glutinous rice dumplings)in their posts.  I really envy those who make their own dumplings, those sold outside cannot compare to the home-made ones, they can be stuffed with lots of fillings!  That is what I love most too!

So far I have tasted three different types of bah-chang... and I come to conclude that the ones I love best is......................

read on.....
this one is from IPOH Garden South...
it cost RM3.50 each....
not bad... lots of fillings too....  
but let me recommend you 
I ever tasted.....
They are from.............
 Just look at this BahChang from Penang Cintra Street...
So mcuh of yellow beans!!
they are wrapped up like "pillows" (i call them that)
reminded me of my grandmother's time...
the beans occupy much of the space inside...
a bit of salted egg and a piece of meat...
cost RM2.80 each...
This is the mess-up Bah Chang... hahahaa.....
I can "wallop" two at one Go!
Do try these dumplings from Penang...
They are sold in a shop selling yam cakes as well...

40, Lebuh Cintra, 10100 Pulau Pinang


  1. this is superb!! ohsem!!! I love bahzhang!!! I never try the Ipoh bazhang before though...But im crazy in love with the 'dou zhang' from penang...lots of mung beans!

  2. Make me wanna to get a bak zhang tomorrow for my lunch... or maybe should ask one from Small Kucing... *wink*

  3. I like bashing with lots of stuffing inside....

  4. eunice: home made best! can put whatever you like inside...

    tz: hope she sees this.. hehehe..

    simpleperson: me too!! love lots of beans too...

  5. I would like to finish one bachang all by myself but sadly I can't due to indigestion problem. So I take only alkaline dumplings (Kan sui joong) every year.

  6. Bak Chang...oh, I miss my mom's one.....

  7. OMG... OMG... this is why i must stop myself from reading entries on food esp ones with photos... huaaaa...

  8. Oh wow.....I'm DROOLING!.....haha. I love that bean Bak Chang. Never seen before. looks really delicious. I must try to make one day. I want to see all the different types of zhang. Any more to share? I suppose to have to keep buying to eat to show me...haha. Have fun! :D

  9. wow, looks delicious!

  10. I love bah zhang but I gonna miss the festival again..

  11. Beggars no choosers for me now. I think no need ba Chang from Penang. Any ba Chang will taste divine if I can get one here.

  12. I love zhang! Omggg Any zhang with salted eggs and fatty meat are the BEST! <3 <3

  13. let's eat!

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  14. The Penang ones, they need to work on presentation...make them look nicer. Wait a minute! You said three types - why only two in your post?

  15. The Ipoh ones, same price as here...but I think yours more meat. They don't look quite the same though. I had some on KL before - ours more like those. Next time you come, I buy for you to try...

  16. The Penang bak chang very pale looking. Looks exactly like pillow. That black patch is black bean kah in the Ipoh bak chang. I still prefer nyonya bak chang.

  17. pam: i also like kan sui esp with kaya.. hahaa...

    mery: oh so nice.. mommy makes?

    marymoh: hahaha.. you are humorous! i guess u have to make them yourself, right?

    coffeegirl: great for the eyes! hahaa..

    gigi: they are!

    wenn: never mind.. come back and eat and not before u go... too chai!

    qp: do them yourself while you are there! i bet there will never be enough to go round! haaa...

    cloudia: cheers!

    stp: hahaha..u r very observant.. there are memang 3 types i took, two given by my neighbour but I walloped them all and then only realize i didnt take pics!! OK, next time either u bring over or i fly over.. hahaha...

    irene: i have yet to try the nyonya ones..anyone can "sponsor?" hahaha...

  18. hehehe, you are just comparing Ipoh to Penang and you concluded Penang dumplings is the best?? hmmm, not so convincing woh.. unless you have tried at least the dumplings from all over the country lah, hehehehe~~ still got like 10 days to go.. :p

  19. I grew up eating Nyonya bak zhang made by my mother. So up till today, I still prefer it over the other bak zhangs. But my mum has stopped doing lar. Sob sob.

  20. Claire, I love, love that pillow chang from Penang. Although I don't take "white" chang and usually opt for "black" chang, I don't mind having the pillow chang every morning~ I like to sprinkle generous amount of sugar on it. I like it sweet, hehe!

  21. Malacca leh? Malacca's will win hands down! :D

  22. which shop are you talking about in ipoh garden? i also want to try.

  23. not vs punya la. Each stage will have their own Zhang. The best Zhang of course la those that suits own taste.

  24. sk: yes, i compared ipoh and penang only bec no one gave me KL or Malacca bah chang to taste ma.. :)

    sharon: i also dont know... know how to eat only..

    carolyn: at least you got to taste your best chang also! :)

    yvonne: yes, i also like to sprinkle fine sugar.. how come they taste better ah... :)

    merryn: never try...so cannot compare.. hahaa..

    lena: i think the name of the shop is amica... along the RHB bank and also scotch pub...

    kathy: i cannot find a chang that i really like in Ipoh.. and the best so far I ever tasted is this penang one... i like pillow changs with lots of yellow beans (lok tau)!

  25. Lau hau sui jor..but luckily Kat gave me some last week.

  26. oh man, now you have me cravings for the zhangs!

  27. The Chang you like best is actually the Cantonese version. It is sometimes revered to "tau" Chang to differentiate from the Hokkien Bak Chang.

    The shop ( formerly a road side store) was selling this stuff since I was a little boy...definitely more than 50 years....

  28. yeeling: kam hoe yeh... long live Kat! hahaha...

    barb: which ones? :)

    sptay: wow..50 years ago? must be his father's time then..now manning the shop is a young couple..

  29. I always like this type of zhang more than the original black one. Now you make me hungry.


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