Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Musang King Temptation!

Oh dear, my poor throat is feeling very dry these days! With the hot hazy days adding to the durian season, it is not surprising that many are visiting the doctors for medication....

Though the durian fest is on for some time now, I managed to control my "yearning"... my doctor told me that I MUST refrain from taking durians, it is not going to help my sore throat... but now that AA is back, there is no more restriction... I MUST EAT THEM!  LOL....
a friend told us that there is one roadside stall 
in Canning Garden selling the best durians! 
"Mau Sang Wong" aka Musang King... lol...
It cost RM20 per kilo!!
Never before we bought such expensive durians....
we bought One and tried....
couldn't resist pinching a bit myself....
AA couldn't wait to get home to try....
this road side stall belongs to a Father and Daughter team
and she is very friendly...
She even took a picture for both of us...
Even with my tired and sick look, I still Want!!
Enjoy First!
Hopefully won't suffer later....


  1. After eating, wash it down with plenty of fluid, take double dosage of vitamin and jog around polo ground for 30 minutes.

  2. pam, a great workout to lose the calories!

  3. Too tempting...Will hunt this stall down when I'm back to Ipoh this weekend.

  4. Indulge when they are available. So I guess you are happy now and ready to do what is necessary to burn off that extra calories? Go Girl Go.....

  5. merryn: durian addict too? :p

    andrew: canning garden!!

    bean: pufff...hufffff!!!!

  6. I hope you are not getting sick...why is durian bad if you are sick...it is not healthful? My computer man checked everything out and said my computer is fine and safe to visit.

  7. Doctor said, never listened. Spank! Spank! Aaron can eat, you just watch!!! Bad for your blood sugar level also, you know? Will shoot up like fireworks!

  8. ginny: yes, durians are very nutritious and it is very heaty to the body if we r not careful...

    stp: ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! must sue for blog abuse!

  9. yes, I can't resist too even I can tell my throat is acting up these few days... I convince myself that I put in the fridge, let it 'cool' then eat, should be better hoh.. :p

  10. The durian looks too tempting. I can't resist either. Drink salt water after taking the durian, it helps.

  11. I have swelling gums now but I will eat durians, no matter what! If sick, take MC and blog at home!

  12. oh what a coincidence. i just had some today and regretting it now :(

  13. I must wait till it rains then only take durian. Not so heaty ma! hehehehe!

  14. Heard about this before, so expensive one,, I don't really fancy durians but my wife does,,,,,so better don't let her read your post,otherwise she will ask me about this KING hahahhahahah

  15. cyn: like u, i also put them in the fridge! hehehe...

    irene: I drank a glass as advised.. :)

    twilightman: oh gosh, u r more terror than me! hahaha..

    barb: why? we really enjoy first suffer later!

    carolyn: too heaty, dont eat so much!

    yan: i heard no rain until september la!

    eugene: we live only once.. so must try! :)

  16. I am craving so much for durian!!! aghhh haha but with the hot weather, i might pause first xD

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