Thursday, July 26, 2012

A "Blunder-Ful" Day For Me

Forgetful Makes A Blunder-ful Day....

At around 2pm, I phoned my mom that I would be taking her out for dinner this evening...she readily agreed... I put down the phone. Period...

Then at 6pm, I received a sms saying, "Will come around 7pm." OH ... MY...GOSH!! I forgot I had a dinner appointment with my friends!

Aiyoh!!  On one hand, my mom, sister and nephew were waiting for me to take them out for dinner....  On the other hand, my friends will be coming at 7pm...

I couldn't turn down my friends' dinner because I have been doing that for a few times already... I will be branded "BIG TALKER" if I do that again... (Tai Chak Kong)

So... in order not to disappoint both parties, I went to TWO DINNERS in one evening!
Quickly sms-ed back my friend to tell her to come around 7.30pm... and off I went to pick my mom and company for dinner in MarPoh Restaurant, the nearest place to get good food and FAST too!!

What we had were something kind of special.... and I couldn't resist eating one whole bowl of rice... 
Sweet tomato sauce pineapple and stomach belong to the P... LOL...
Crispy fried eggplants with sourish sauce...
Stir-fry deer meat with ginger and spring onions
 Three dishes plus 4 plates of rice
came to RM42... 
Reasonable to me...

Ok... that was my first dinner which lasted till 7pm.. 
and half hour later, my friends came....
I went for my 2nd dinner...
Porridge with spicy frogs and grilled fish....
This is my "Opening Fast" for this evening....

Tell me, why am I so forgetful.... why... 


  1. Oh gosh. Forgetful? Understandable...maybe age factor like me....haha. Or did you purposely forget so that you can eat twice?....hehe I miss that dish of deer meat....drooling.

  2. Well not bad ... Coz of ur forget u have 2 dinner good Le u...
    I normally set my appointment on my phone...
    So I shall never forget...
    Once appointment is confirm I immediate set it on my phone...

  3. you should write appts on a calendar and check it every morning. I always do.

  4. Oh, you attended two dinners at different period of time. I actually thought you took them to the same restaurant and went from table to table to entertain both parties.

  5. The food looks so tasty!!! Anyway you didn't disappoint anyone by keeping your word, that's the main thing.

  6. that looks yummy to me hoho hmm i myself was forgetful already

  7. Two dinners? Keep forgetting...and soon you will be my shape and size!!! LOL!!! Old people like us cannot remember many things - key reminders in handphone lah - day before and on the day, so will not forget. You got iphone or ipad, use lah...

  8. mary: hey..that is a nice one.. forgetting on purpose! hahaha..

    simpleperson: yeah, 2nd dinner, ate a bit here and there.. have to pretend.. hahaha..

    gigi: i think i better do that!

    pam: no la.. cannot..different talks!

  9. kash: i MUST go.. this time!

    mevoy: hey, i m old enough to be your mom! u r still young.. hahaha..

    stp: aiyoh!! aiyoh!! I thought I am still young ma.. can remember one.. OK, must put in reminder.. but firstly, must ask son how to use leh.. my reminders seem not to be ringing one... better use back old phone, right?

  10. I think not just you, myself also sometimes forget about 'dates'.. I had a few 'double' dates too.. :p

  11. 2 possibility, aging or too busy with life :)

  12. CYN: Join in my gang! hahaha...

    nath: u r very right..i m both!

    rachel: tak..tak...

  13. Salute you, having 2 dinners in one evening. The food looks great and pretty cheap.

  14. LOL...salute you. can makan 2x like that

  15. Oopss...i did this. I promised my family for dinner and last minute get to know I have RSVP for an event. Rushing like mad since I cannot let down both..

  16. two dinners, lol. i like that :)

  17. Really good food. Fast service and reasonable price. Not bad to have 2 dinners, and all parties happy.


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