Sunday, July 22, 2012

Charity Sales Event And The Mascot

Back to our charity sales, I think our stall made the most sales because our stuff were sold at a minimum price of RM0.50 sen only! Used clothing were sold at RM1 during Happy Hour after lunch and if I am not mistaken, our sales came to almost a thousand ringgit in just a day! No capital, no loss... all thanks to the donors who make it possible for us...

Though the amount is not "big" nevertheless it was a happy day for us to work as a team... having fun and a great time..."ringing bell" to attract the people to come to our stall all throughout the day....
all arranged... ready to go!
getting the stall ready for our goods...
customers coming in to look at our "recycled" stuff....
 having a short break...
The Mascot
One for the album...
A thorn among the roses?


  1. So glad to see people with hearts of gold work together for the welfare of the needy. Good job! Keep it up!

  2. wow..those baju kurungs still look good.

  3. pam: hahaha...thanks to all...

    lina: nice time spent too..

    wenn: yes, some are new too..

  4. it was about the amount butthe purpose

  5. Ya...ya...used clothes, should sell and help charity...not stuff in the cupbboardSSSSS, sometimes just used once only!!!!

  6. mecoy: yeah, not on the amount..

    stp: yeah, actually sometimes we buy and keep only...

  7. Great job done. Yes, we can contribute clothings which are still usable. My church is having this charity sales too this coming August.

  8. wow only RM1! :D i mau rebut jugak. haha


  9. wow... nice event to have all the team members work together... guess this kind of 'mood' won't happen in my work place.. :(

  10. irene: hope you bring in much harvest too!

    fish: hahaha.. rebut ...rebut!

    cyn: oh really? anyway, do make the best out of it..

  11. Good job Claire and your team mates.

  12. Ling: we enjoyed ourselves... at least away from office work.. hahaha..


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