Saturday, July 14, 2012

Food Bloggers Meet-Up In Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant

YES! Another weekend with some beautiful bloggers again!!

Really Love meeting up with bloggers whom I have get to know through blogging.... Actually I would love to organize a IPOH meet-up too, if there is a good response, I would go ahead with this idea one day!  Anyone would like to help me with this event?  :))

Okay, coming back to this Friday's 13th event, we had our gathering in Sun Lee How Fook restaurant at precisely 7pm... all of us were quite punctual actually... ahemmmm... and after some hugs and *kisses*... and some exchanging of small "gifts" and so on.... we finally sat down to have a "Bloggers' Family Picture" taken..... 
 Here we are... needs no introduction, right?

Thanks to Lena... she ordered these special dishes for us.... 
chicken with fish meat...rolled in one...
you know.. going out with food bloggers, 
there is one common thing with them...
One Bite and they know what's inside and outside!!
Amazing But True...
This is what I called "Sik Kar!"
Then comes the Poon Choy!
Well.... er.... 
no comments! hahahaa....
This pot is for 6 people but it is more than enough for the 8 of us...
Actually this Meet-Up is not so much for the food...
but the Joy and the Laughter that counts!
And we had more than that... 
So much so.. we adjourned to another place to have more FUN!
The Food or should I say the "Cook" Bloggers...
(except for one, of course)
Can you recognize who they are?

(in tomorrow's post)


  1. Good food
    Good Bloggers!

    Wishing YOU Aloha, from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  2. Dunno... You will have to name them and link to their blogs...

  3. Food looks great and with good company too. I know only 3 of them including you. Have a great weekend.

  4. oh i spotted my beautiful friend in the photo. looks like a fun night :)

  5. cloudia: thanks for coming by!

    stp: i think u know 3 of them there...

    irene: u too!

    barb: yeah, your name was mentioned too! hahaa..

  6. hope your 'hangover' is over now! i'm no sik kar, if they never tell me it's chicken skin, i will probably take a long time wondering what's that stuff on top of that paste!

  7. Fabulous looking! I can't wait to eat those yummy food :)

  8. lena: sik kar or not.. one day we must go for other varieties! :)

    greatwallofchina: you must taste them!

  9. I just love to meet bloggers, too. Someday, you and I will meet in Hawaii!!!

  10. wow..that's nice! I missed that..

  11. gigi: yes, I wish we could!

    wenn: yeah.. never mind, some other time...

  12. It was nice meeting you,
    Next time go makan again, ok!

  13. Good was so fun..

  14. wendy: sure.. make it soon!!! nice to know u too!

    mery: yes, it is fun to meet up with bloggers even though we dont know each other well.. :)

  15. Claire, I told Lena, we enjoyed the company more than the food at the restaurant. There were too much meat in the "pun choy" VERY "lau" lah. I love our group photos, don't we all look great? LOL!

  16. Ahahhaa..Cook Bloggers.I love this name. Except Claire.LOL!!1

  17. QP: next time we must try the East Ocean one.. i remember that one has no meat.. only seafood.. :)
    Yes, I agree that we look glamorous! hahahaa...

    ling: sigh....


Thank you, readers!

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