Saturday, July 21, 2012

Money Lost In Split Seconds

An event held in the office... and the day I lost RM125 in just a matter of seconds... Before the event started, my colleague asked me to take her picture with her camera... and then all of a sudden, within a split second, while taking out the camera, it slipped out of my hands and dropped onto the carpet flooring.. and that was when my money flew away... LOL....

The camera lens got jammed... it couldn't close at all nor can take any pictures... leaving no choice, we sent it to the service centre and they told us it cost around RM250 for repair.... so who is going to pay?
I am the Biggest Loser!

Eventually my colleague and I shared out the expenses...
I am clumsy..... ain't I?  sigh...


  1. Aiyo....bad luck. but things like this happen.

  2. poor thing... luckily can share the cost. Next time be more careful and steady ya! :)

  3. Aiyorrrrrr!!!! Accidents sometimes happen mah... If it had been my camera, I would have repaired it myself. What to do? Bad luck...not that you dropped it on purpose. Between friends like that, cannot lah...

  4. You are participate the bigger loser 2012? hmmm...

  5. We r in d same boat. My passenger side window was smashed n my wallet was stolen. Losing cash n cards n documents in a split second. Now I nd 2 send my car to the workshop to get d window fixed. Sigh...

  6. Sorry to hear that, was the camera expensive when you bought it?

  7. Oh my! So sorry to hear that. Luckily your friend willing to bear the cost together with you. I understand your feelings. If like you already falling down a step from stairs and now you keep falling down the whole stairs. Erm..something like that lah..

  8. oh almost just the same happened to me just recent i lost mine on an event huhu

  9. kathy: yeah, cannot recall how the camera can slip also...

    henry: i try, ye...

    stp: the repair is too expensive.. what to do, expensive brand also..

    tz: hahaha..

    pam: oh dear, sorry to hear that! these thieves are really a nuisance to the society.. makes things so difficult for us civilians... hope you can get back your important documents in time..

    kash: it belongs to my friend..

    dianne: once in awhile sure things like this happen...

    mecoy: oh no.. heartbreaking, right?

    issac: ouch!!

  10. so sorry to hear that..anyway, just regard it like a kind of donation. I always console myself this way.

  11. Well small fortune out....
    I tot someone snatch ur bag... As the crime rate is increase a lot...

  12. such a nice colleague you have to be willing to share the repair charges..

  13. Ouch! Good that your colleague willing to share the repair cost. At least not so 'siong' for u. .

  14. WENN: next time teach me to be more careful! :)

    simpleperson: that is more fearful!

    lena: yes, both are equally nice.. hahaha...

    cheeyee: yeah... have to hold some responsibility too..

  15. aiyoyo, so bad luck, but at least your colleague is willing to share the cost with you lah.. luckily not those expensive DSLR also~~ be careful next time..

  16. Claire, next time put the strape around your wrist before taking the camera out or holding it. As we grow "younger" we lose our grips.

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