Friday, July 20, 2012

Who's The Biggest Loser Hi-Tea Event

One of the departments organized a hi-tea in conjunction with the event "Who's The Biggest Loser" results.... More than 10 staff participated in this "reality show" and the winner is a lady.... who lost 10 over kg in three months.

As for me and my colleagues, we didn't join in the contest... If I join, sure I would be disqualified cos I would be gaining weight more than losing it!  So instead I opted for the hi-tea event, just for the fun of eating and mingling with the staff.  It cost only RM10 per pax and the theme for the party is BLUE...
Blue, Blue, my world is blue...
my colleagues...
the food....
yellow noodles for spicy curry....
rice noodles for beef soup...
 the desserts... 
even the table cloth is blue...
fruits salad
steamed delicacies with coconut
beancurd with stuffed fillings
cakes also bluish...  
my share of satay... 5 sticks
one bowl of curry and my desserts...
I didn't take my dinner after this heavy meal...
 Thumbs up for my colleague here
who prepared for this event...
The cheapest hi-tea I ever been to... LOL...


  1. Wowwww!!!!! So much food!!!! Yum! Yum! They'll be fasting starting tomorrow. After all that, you might as well join them too, Claire. LOL!!!

  2. so much good food. how to lose weight LOL.

  3. When I read your title, it says who's the biggest loser.
    When I read through your blog post, I think I am succumbed to the immense of food photos you posted!
    I guess I will be the biggest weight gainer.

  4. Gee, that food looks so good. I especially looked at the picture of the fruit salad for a long time, trying to figure out what fruits were in it. Lol.

  5. It is very different than the English Hi-Tea but I like it.


  6. The hi-tea spread was as good as those served in five star hotels. Very professional mah...

  7. very creative contest..
    who is the biggest loser...
    At first I thought the wrong meaning .. the "LOSER" lol
    great event.. nice

  8. Auntie Reana, so much food!!! hahahahhaha...

  9. stp: yes, but i will continue to drink if not eat... :)

    kathy: one month fasting can reduce one! :)

    durianland: join in MY club! hahaha..

    gigi: apples, grapes... guava.. hahaha.. around there...

    filip: yes, these are my country's cultural food..

    simpleperson: looser or loser actually?

    pete: u r drooling, right? hahaha..

  10. quite an interesting event~
    i want to lose weight tooo~

  11. Who's the biggest gainer...after all the high tea food,lol!

  12. thats sound fun and the foods just looks so delicious

  13. thats sound fun and the foods just looks so delicious

  14. jion: why everyone of us want to lose weight one? :)

    mecoy: cheap for hi-tea.. no dinner for me!


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