Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Yellow People and Green Pasture In Taiping Lake Gardens

From Taiping food court, we proceeded to the best scenery in Taiping... the Lake Gardens! To me, this Lake Gardens is the most mesmerizing scene I have ever come across in Malaysia... hahahaa... that subtly proves how limited my travel places are.... Anyway, just want to emphasize that I can never get bored coming by to Taiping every now and then...
 Here we are....
Elin and I were very "mischievous" then..
Wonder our Kat noticed it by now or not...  :)
Lets look at the beautiful trees.... 
slanting to one side on my right
and on my left...
A nice romantic place to take some wedding pictures..
A lovely place for family to relax too.... 
at the same time... for some certain ladies
to entertain themselves near the lake...
Hope the ladies got what they wanted down there....
It was much greener those days...
hope the lake will rise up again...
meanwhile... lets take a few pictures....
and before we left, we took this...
oooppps...even the signboard is in yellow!

^( '‿' )^


  1. Naughty you.....bunny ears pulak LOL

    got very strong DIGI signal there hor :p and vry bersih too

  2. Nice family pictures, strange title.


  3. WOW~ I have never been to the lake *facepalm*

  4. kathy: sorry about that.. :)) we are the yellow people ma.. so we are very mischievous!

    filip: Yellow people bec we wore yellow and green bec of the surroundings...

  5. wow this is taiping? didnt know that malaysia has such trees too! :D

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  6. nicole: you are from Taiping? :)

    fish: yes.. i love this lake and the greens...

  7. Your post reminded me not to take things for granted. I jog around the Lake Garden every day but never stop for a while to admire the scenery.

  8. haha..nice yellow..very cheerful color too!

  9. Reminds me of some good times I had with my college and TARC christian fellowship mates at the lake gardens decades ago. I wonder where are they now .....

  10. those beautiful big trees? Aiyor...the lake is drying up kah? Why? Not so green, anymore? How sad... The town authorities should do something before things get too serious.

  11. The scenery is nice.Very peaceful to relax.

  12. pam: not too late to admire from now onwards.. but the lake water seems to be drying up..pity..

    wenn: yeah, agree with that..

    daddy: those were the days, huh..

    stp: yes, i was shocked also to see the lake dried at certain parts..

  13. irene: yes, if it is safe at all times.. it is good to go there to relax...

    ling: coincidence! hahaa...

  14. The weather looked good that time. Going to rain izzit?

  15. The lake has dried up. The view would be nicer with 'full tank' of water, kekeke~

  16. Oh ya if the later rise up again it would be prefect. I love the old trees, long brunches growing side for sunshine and made a shade for the visitors.

  17. yan: not yet.. after only when we left Sepetang, then it rained..

    yvonne: yeah..defnitely!

    vicky: that shows the water is not so deep only... i thought it was quite deep last time..


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