Thursday, August 2, 2012


Do they deserve to be disqualified?  What do you think?

When I watched the youtube showing the ladies' double, it was really a BIG shame!  It really brings down the name of the country which started this "game-to-lose" and not play-to-win.  It was such a BIG waste to be disqualified this way, after all the training they go through preparing for the Olympics and then to be "kicked out" for making a farce during the matches on Tuesday night.

Eight of these badminton players were disqualified, hailing from China, Korea and Indonesia.  When I watched the youtube, I could hear the "Boo-s" from the spectators... Well, I cannot blame them for jeering, if I were there, I might do the same... come on, people pay to come and see a good "game" and not an unsporting and disguised game.  

We do not know who is the "mastermind" of this "playing-to-lose" team might have started it and all followed suit..."If they do it, why not we?"  like in one Chinese saying, "lei choe chor yat, ngor choe sap ngmm" (you do 1st day, I do 15th day) ....

Well, if it is some consolation to the eight players, they are now more or less famous in their own way.  They may not win to gain fame but somehow, they have gain fame by being the "poor losers" of the Olympics.  I pity them in a way for I am sure that they are not the ones who determine what and how to do.... 

Meanwhile, good news for the Malaysians!  Our men doubles Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong have sailed into the semi-final!!  Well, at least this is something to be cheerful about....................


  1. I saw this one too... haiyorr... even I oso can play better than them. Terrible la, strategizing like that. Olympic is not just about winning and playing dirty to to go to the next's about sportsmanship...duzzin matter who win or lose, what matters is the spirit! Very dissapointing.

  2. Gosh....the first game was terrible.

  3. I don't feel bad for them at all. There is no spirit of sportmanship here. People kill to be in the Olympics. Pretty shamful act to me for giving badminton a bad name :(

  4. cleff: i think it is not their fault but the ones who instructed them...

    ling: they got a black card..

    icook4fun: their coaches should be blacklisted too...

    henry: under pressure to do that, i suppose...

  5. Lee Chong Wei just beat his Indian opponent, but it will be difficult for him to beat Lin Dan.

    What to do, they thought they could get away from it, but they didn't!!!!

  6. It was all over the news here in Belgium. It is also a bit the fault of the system. Sports are also strategy but you have to o your best to win. Difficult.


  7. Hey! I commented last night! Disappeared liao... Tsk! Tsk!

  8. kash: today he is playing against chen long..another one hard to beat...

    filip: format is one thing but then the players got to abide by the Olympic rules...

  9. stp: aiyah!! how come geh... never mind.. as long as i know u commented.. hahaha..

  10. Watching this olympics has made me realize how aware I have become of Malaysia and surrounding countries.

    I am so glad that blogging allows us to be friends and to know each other!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  11. so our women double got hope? I have not follow it..

  12. I don't understand is how come when they do this in Thomas Cup or Uber Cup, they never get punished.
    As we know in Thomas Cup, sometime they will keep the better player not going down to play or split the double. This is another way or style of "play to lose".

  13. merryn: too poor sportsmanship...

    cloudia: same over here!! :)

    kathy: yeah.. now consequences..

    simpleperson: ours are not qualified.. too bad..

    teck: well, at least they didnt play like this in the other competitions, so far, i havent seen any of them play like this.. but in olympics, they shouldnt play so poorly.. it is just too obvious..

  14. Thanks for sharing the video. Hmm really a shame this happen in Olympic. Where is their true spirit & sportsmanship that they swear during the Olympic oath? Ya in another way do feel pity for them, the have to follow what the coach instruction.

  15. olympics is not just like any other game t was brought up with passion and love for sport they should have respected that there are millions of athletes wanting to be on where they are now

  16. I didnt watch but read from news. Such a shock, especially came from top players from China. Thought they are through to next round, so they didnt play their best. Really shame. But happy for our double men players who going through the semi.

    btw, Claire, I have an award and tag for you. Check it out!


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